12 December 2009

Me and the Boyz

Sigh.. off to another business trip next week for a quarterly meeting with my boss and the boyz (I say this because I am the only female member of our group).  Since we all work remotely from one another (we only get together 4 times a year), it will interesting to see if anyone notices my weight loss.
What I am dreading is the meal time sharing part.  I am planning on packing  some food items that will assist me to stay on course  because lunches are always brought in and it will probably be alot of deli sandwiches and pasta salad side dishes.. I am losing weight at a nice pace right now and don't want to throw it off.  And then of course, there we will be our holiday dinner party.and the challenge of what to wear  (here I go again rummaging through my closet to see if I have any combination's that will pass as dressy without having things hang on me). I am really resisting buying any more clothes and trying to be creative with what I have in my closet.  I did notice I seem to have more summer clothes in smaller sizes than winter clothes.. that must be due to my winter hibernation eating habits (just like the bears)...

I also decided I am ready to start to let go of my larger sizes (and I have quite a range) and that includes my vast array of  winter coats...they have a coat drive for gently used coats so maybe I will make one BIG donation. And btw even though I said I was going to exercise restraint with buying anymore coats, I did buy another one, it looked damn good on me!  I still think it is better psychologically for me to let go of the larger sizes and to see my closet transition as my body transitions.

Today I am hoping to finish up the holiday decorating, perhaps I will  post some pics of the tree... as I am not interested in going out today because it is as cold as a witches Tata out there...

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  1. Get some belts! They work great as a fashion item and can change the look of oversized jackets/ slacks... I can't wait to use my belts again. Think chain metal, wide belts, maybe slung lower on the hips if you are opposite shape from me (I don't know.) I have a small waist, so it is good to accentuate it. If you have small hips-- the opposite is true.
    Enjoy the 'hanging clothes!!"