17 December 2009

But the crab was wonderful..

It is soooo good to be home... (however I also arrived home to some very sad news that my FIL passed away this morning).   A reminder that life is a journey.. and that we need to appreciate what we have when we have it.

As far as my eating this week.. let's say that during the day.. I was very good.. and at night well.. not so good.
I was in the land of good crab eating and ordered either crab cakes, crab imperial, flounder stuffed with crab, crab this and crab that.. I have had my fill of sweet succulent crab until my next trip to the eastern shore area..

Some good things.. I had absolutely no alcohol (nothing, ice tea with dinner).. although you are not supposed to have liquid with the meals, I somehow felt that the ice tea would help flush the cream mixed in the crab imperial.  I had no desserts.  I had 100% compliant lunches, but when it came to dinner, all hell broke loose with the 1/2 cup of food theory.. you would have thought it was my last meal...

The only exercise I had was mental exercise.

Although there was a very nice gym at the hotel, I just did not have the mental drive to commit to any physical  exercise (very poor excuse but it is the truth).

I did get a compliment or two from some inquiries from my old cronies (what are you doing.. did you loose weight).  

Upon my return home.. I jumped on the scale and (the number was the same as when I left home).. so  unless the eating is going to catch up with me.. I will take that number and start anew.. New day, new me..

Be well.

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  1. Oh my goodness those crab cakes look so good! I am so jealous, I love crab. You are right, it is a new day and hey you didn't gain..