21 December 2009

Worried something's not Right

First of all, I feel like crap (head/chest cold).
Second, we had a freaking snow storm (22 inches) and I am home alone.
Third, the rest of my family is in New England burying my Father in Law.
And now for the band part.. I have no restriction..something is not right. I don't know if the port was dislodged from the tubing.  I noticed that the port is lower on my abdomen.

My first fill was 6cc's (by all the feedback I have received that is alot).  You would think I would sense some strong or firm restriction.  However, I can chug, and I mean chug an entire bottle of water without the least bit of resistance.  I notice that when I eat, there is no true feeling full, its all self control to limit my intake.

Working on my theory that the port has dislodged itself, I am often trying to feel/locate it and it is definitely lower.  I plan to call the surgeon, but not sure I will get in during this holiday week, and quite frankly I don't feel like I want to go out the roads are still very icy and messy..  My next fill is scheduled for Jan.22nd.

Other than my head feeling like a Mack truck collided with it, I am ok, I have no port discomfort, I was just counting on some restriction (and self discipline) for the holidays.

Adding to my  bag of happiness.. my scale has not budged in two weeks (I even went out and bought a new digital scale) thinking accuracy would make a difference.. but no..

Oh well.. I am going to take two cold and sinus pills and go back to bed.. stay warm..


  1. If you think your port has dislodged, your surgeon better see you TODAY!

    I would go to his office and sit there until he saw me. But that's just me, I'm pushy and obnoxious that way. You know, when it comes to my HEALTH! Sorry for the caps...hope everything is ok!!!

  2. Wow Barbara, I really hope that the port isn't dislodged. But you would think that with a 6 cc fill that you would feel restriction, at least in the beginning! And the fact that you are certain that it is lower than it used to be...is scary.

    For me, my concern is that I flipped my port! So we are both in kind of the same bag. I go in for my first fill next Monday & I am hoping to find out then.

    I will keep you in my thoughts that you get over your cold quickly & that your concern about your port is proven wrong! But you probably should at least call the Doctor's office & let them decide if they think you should come in!

    Have a safe & Happy Christmas

  3. Thanks .. I am going to call the surgeon tomorrow, otherwise I will drive myself nuts over the holiday's.
    It's scary to think the port can flip or even move around because they suture it in place, and its not like I am doing gymnastics to stress the location.
    I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday.. seems everyone is coming down with some kind of cold, flu, or yucky bug...

  4. i hope you are feeling better. what did the surgeon say?

    i find myself constantly "testing" my band. i think the reality of it being there and the amount of time for solid results is hard for me to grasp.

    good luck!