23 November 2009

Putting Our "To- Do List" on Hold...and Living Life

It was a fantastic Sunday in Philadelphia.
For once, it was not raining (we have had our fill of rainy weekends).  And my DH was FINALLY feeling better (after working through a two-week setback with the flu).  When he get's the flu there is a bit more anxiety, as we need to make sure nothing else heads south (see www.patternews.blogspot.com )

So the Sunday morning's discussion sort of goes like this (perhaps a scene out of that move "Ground Hog Day")
Me - what do you want to do today?
DH- I don't know, what do you want to do?
Me - How are we doing on the Honey Dew list?
DH - It's still there and will keep me busy for another 2 years
Me- Want to go out in the Z (BMW Roadster)?
DH - (with an excitement in his voice) Sure
Me- Ok, I will get a shower, you can take care of our puppies (we have 4).
Fast Forward..
What a day!!!.. first of all, because of the nature of the car, we usually some how get pulled over by the cops. It is very difficult to let loose on the back roads (the engine whirls, and the car fly's like a blue bird in the sky).
We rode across the the rolling hills of Bucks County and visited Peace Valley Nature Park and went for a hike into the woods (thank goodness there were some pre stomp-led trails).
It was as if time stood still for us.  We were completely engaged in the beauty of the area.

We then stopped at one of our favorite quaint country stores "Tabora Farms and Orchards", picked up a half peck of apples (to bake at home)..
Upon returning home..We both agreed "Screw the To-Do List".  I made a wonderful Chicken Marsala and found an unbelievable bottle of Claus du Val (1998) reserve wine.  [Yeah yeah, I know Chicken Marsala and Wine are not of the soft foods list], but neither is living your life to the fullest.
With a nice toasty fire on the patio to fend off the evening chill, and a final glass of wine to toast the sunset, it was a fantastic way to close out a wonderful Fall weekend.
So yes, it is important to live with your band, but that doesn't mean putting your life on hold.
Be well.
 Just to illustrate.. My DH and I do have a good time now and then.. quick shot of us at our Daughter's wedding......My dress was lovely (but wish I did the band a year before the wedding)... next wedding I will be ready to dazzle...


  1. Sounds like an awesome day. And beautiful dress!