22 November 2009

My Obsession with Winter Coats

Imelda Marcos may have had a closet full of shoes, I on the other hand have 3 closets full of fall/winter coats.
I do not know what the psychological reason is for this (maybe the cover up theory), but I get as excited for shopping for coats as my Daughter Allie gets for handbags.
So here is my latest hunt and  focus for a new smaller size coat:  Ta Da.. let me introduce you to the.. 

Aston Spanish Merino Shearling Coat with Toscana Shawl Collar and Cuffs.   I can't stop staring at it.

 I also like the coats offered on www.BlueDuckshearling.com  like I said its an obsession with me.

I am traveling out to Reno/Tahoe the first week of December for business and am thinking of treating myself to this one as my Birthday Gift, another year is just around the corner. 
In Reno, there is a Sierra Trading Outlet store.. so in between boring Six Sigma Training, I will be scooting out for some shopping.  There is also a Skagen Watch outlet near by. so I might as well use my time management skills to see what they have on sale for the holidays.. 
Just as an aside, I have on many an occasions had to buy extra pieces of luggage to accommodate my extra return payload during my business trips.  Hmm. maybe I do need therapy.. no . no.  I can control this..  I will wait for a family intervention until then, its just a past time pleasure.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. OOOHH gorgeous. I love coats too, more than bags and shoes! I have to hold myself back from buying more. Happy shopping!

  2. Beautiful coat. I can't remember the last time I even LOOKED at a coat in a store. Just not very practical here in S. Florida. :)

  3. Hi, just found your blog while reading anothers. I look forward to following a fellow bandster.