21 November 2009

Tis the Season

You know that the craziness of the season has begun when you see what goes on with the search for the Thanksgiving Turkey. So yesterday I went to "The Acme" (I put that in there for you Lauren)  because I had my free turkey coupon.
As I approached the freezer chest with all of the turkeys I noticed this one woman had two turkey's definitely under her possession, with her hand bag and her other hand on another.  Ok, she was claiming rights to four turkeys.  As I walked up to browse, she said," I am still  looking at these".   

So tis the season when some get uptight over silly things like  turkey gazing, racing to parking spots, and lord knows what else that will set people off.    In the end, this will all  result in stress... and I will have no part of that.. See, I am learning to step away from what I can not control, and screw the other part that really bothers me.

So as we all get ready in the U.S.  for Turkey Day... remember, it's just a turkey.. don't let a crazy turkey lady influence how you spend or enjoy your day.. gobble gobble..   Oh, by the way.. I did get my fresh turkey... And it was FREE..and it will be Fabulous....


  1. LOL I love the - "The Acme". I remember this from my Philly days. But I loved Genuardi's.

    "Its just a turkey!" That is for sure! Congrats on that free turkey!

  2. Hi Gen.. Our little town has a Genuardi's as well..Funny how intimate you can get with your grocery store.. of course we don't call it "The Genaurdi's" it is that Phillyism that you can just never get away from.. like cheese steaks.. can't get a real one of those any where but in Philly. [why did I bring that up..sigh!!]