20 November 2009

3 Weeks Post Op - and another pound bites the dust

Yes my friends one more pound dropped off my body.  That makes it 21 since the start.  That feels good to write, mainly because all of this weightloss is attributed to my dietary changes and not so much the band.

My first fill is scheduled for 07 DEC and I am prepared for whatever comes next.  Some people get a restriction right away, others say they don't feel anything.  I have a feeling my doc is going to be very conservative in my cc fill amount.
In reality, all that matters to me is that the numbers continues to fall. 
In an earlier post,  I mentioned that I liberated myself to solid foods (ahead of my prescribed schedule). I declared to myself that I am free to eat whatever I want as long as I meet the core grams of protein first then veggies and then fruits.  So what do you thing the rebel in me is doing about this proclaimed freedom?  uh.. protein shakes, fat free yogurt, cottage cheese, and chicken.  Yeah I really rocked the boat on this one.. I am a diet weenie..
Truth be told, I have no desire to eat the sweets or late night snacks anymore (what is wrong with me did aliens take over my taste buds??).  This all leads me to believe that my pre op diet resulted in a carb and sugar detox.  Once I removed those from my diet, the desire and craving died.  Well hopefully this is long lasting, but I sense that as long as I do not re-introduce them into my diet I should be safe.
So, for the weekend I am setting a bit more aggressive goals for exercise.. I definitely need to do better in this area. Too bad shopping doesn't burn more calories. I would be Twiggy if that were the case.
Be well..

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