19 November 2009

The Beauty of Blogs

I promise no complaints for this blog entry. 
What I do want to share today, is how incredibly empowering I have found the weight loss band blogs.

Two of my favorites are : 

I heart the band:  
My life in lap band land

These two ladies, tell it like it is... and have been very inspirational for me.  Both were banded about 6 -10 weeks ahead of me.  It has been comforting to ready their journals and to be able to relate to my own experiences (confirmation that no, I am not nuts). 

Poor Stardustic is having a bit of setback, but I know that she will bounce back soon.
And Gen, is just a stick of dynamite, high energy, very open, and motivating.

My point in this post is that unlike 20 years ago where you had to wait for that weekly Weight Watchers meeting to be among "friends", the power of the internet and the ability to instantly connect with your weight loss group of friends is just fantastic. 

There are so many tools and widgets available to track your weight loss, motivate you, etc.  Personally, I have found the blogging format very therapeutic.  Some of you know me, but most of you don't. So I am not inhibited by what I write or think or feel.  Not that I have ever been a shy person, but it is liberating to sit in front of a keyboard and put it out there.

So to all of my fellow bloggers, a big thank you for being true to yourself and for sharing with us.
Be well...


  1. Hi there, just read your comment on Gen's blog and wanted to say hello. I am going through a bit of a health scare with my dear husband at th moment and wanted to send you some love for your situation.
    xoxo Vanessa

  2. Thanks so much.. any support I can give you..just give a shout. Hope it's not too serious.. prayers always help..