29 December 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside...

You know it's cold when a Polar Bear's tongue turns blue...

So sigh.. it looks like winter is definitely in town for a while.. all the while I am trying to get myself into some type of regular physical activity.. hence my unhappiness about the cold.  I do have a fancy treadmill so I have no excuses (just need to get off my butt).
My band, well that's another story..I tried to get in early for my next fill, but turns out my doc wants to hold me to the fill schedule of six weeks apart. I woke up this morning thinking, I really could use a bit or restriction to help me more.. that was my thought until  I had my very first Pb'ing experience today.. I truly did NOT think I had enough restriction to block anything from passing through my band.. I mean I have been eating at the pace that I have wanted too for several weeks, with little to no sense of "boy am I getting a full sensation".
So I decided to peel a wonderful naval orange and munch away... I did that cruising by the fridge and opened and closed the door a few times and decided to pull out a small container of garlic humus and pair it with about 3 or 4 low fat triscuit crackers and when I got to cracker number three..  ut oh.. no can go there!!!
First their was that chest pain, and then the Nickelodeon slimming experience, which was not pleasant, nor was it pretty.  Thank goodness  that  I was home alone,  'cause it was pretty gross.

Now my stomach feels like it has spasms.. so that has kind of killed any appetite.
If it weren't for those damn crackers, I think I would have been ok.. well maybe I should have chewed them more thoroughly too.. ok.. maybe it wasn't a good idea.

I did start a great homemade soup this morning (in my new Le Crueset cookware [thank you Lauren]).. so I think I will stick to that for my meal for the next day or two)..

And if the temp drops much lower, perhaps a nice glass of Chambord.. it may give me a blue tongue though..

Stay warm everyone...cause Baby, It's REALLY Cold Outside!!.


  1. Oh noes! So awful. I have been reading to stick to liquids for a day or two after a PB...hope that soup helps.

  2. OMG my first sliming/PB incident was almost exactly the same! Crackers and hummus. I have now figured out that I have to take it easy with crackers. Good thing to know! Even today I had some tomato soup with a few croutons, and the croutons were giving me problems!

    Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog. Hope Christmas in Bucks Co. was great!