31 December 2009

New Year, New Me, New Closet

Happy New Year Everyone!!
I have really enjoyed reading everyone's blog and perspective on the 2010 New Year...
Some of your posts have guided me to give some thought as to what my goals and  approach will be with the new year.  I have a very poor track record with that stand by resolution to "Lose Weight", "Become better organized", "Be nicer to people".. blah blah blah...
Hey.. come to think of it,  I think I am nice to people.. 
But the one thing that I REALLY want to do this year is to get control of my closet.... I am talking about a COMPLETE makeover.. gut it and start over.. So I have given my DH a head's up, we are taking everything out of our walk-in closet and re-doing it all.
So here are some BEFORE pics.
Far Left Side View

Far Right Side View

Right now I have the wire rack system and carpet.. I want to pull that all out and re-design, re-invent, re-do.  

Here is my Inspiration Picture: 
Sorry about the bend in the photo, I have been carrying this around with me and now have it taped on the wall entering the closet.

I love the concept here of having an organized place for shoes and handbags..and all of the other "stuff" that seems to find its way into my closet..

So to get started, I went out to HomeGoods  today (thanks for the gift card Mom and Dad), and one of my first purchases I  made is a long full length mirror that will be centered on the wall as you enter the closet. Interesting thing about mirrors and me.. we have avoided each other over the years. and for  whatever reason, I have only viewed myself from the thighs up. .. Now I want to see the whole image.  

As you may have noticed, I have a lot of black in my wardrobe.. In the past I have made my clothes purchases based on two principles: (1) the color black;  and (2) oh it fits and doesn't look bad.  Well, I am going to slowly start to deplete all of the black and add some color back into my life.

So my new years resolution is to transform my self and my closet, giving us both a new start and a new look.. as we make progress I will post pics.. I am very excited about this new venture..

Have a very happy and (most importantly) HEALTHY new year... remember when you have your health you have the absolutely best gift life can give you...


  1. Barbara, I think this is a fantastic idea! We recently redid out closet this past year & did the style you are wanting to do & it is really amazing the amount of space you have when it is organized! We can actually get in more stuff & it all be in it's place than what we could get in before.

    As for the black clothes, I too have been guilty of wearing primarily black!! So I am trying to purchase colors too.

    Have a Happy New Year!!

  2. Hi Barbara, Happy New Year!

    Love your inspiration pic! My closet is much worse than yours. Actually, that is a great resolution to make - an organized closet. Because it is actually do-able and within our control! I will have to take a stab at mine.