30 January 2010

Good Saturday.. .......Moving my A**.................... For a Change of Pace

Well, I don't know if it's the full moon, the tighter band or something just clicked in
as  Oprah would say maybe I have started to  "Make the Connection"..
but this I know for sure..  I am starting to get my act together... Finally.

This morning I woke up and did some morning yoga. I found a good DVD that is for beginners. It is called Element Am&PM Yoga.. 30 minutes for each segment. It is really good, and so easy a caveman can do it.
I could handle all of the positions and 30 minutes quite frankly is just enough for me. Between my sunrises and sunsets.. doggie this and child position that .. I felt good and stretched out..

The only challenge I had is that my little Yorkie, Princess Chloe, kept coming up to kiss me during my floor stretches.. But she is so cute. I can't turn away her kisses..

So, then I was off to my breakfast, some Special K and Dannon Light and Fit.. I entered my calories on my new favorite webspot FitDay.com.

Then it was off to check in on the DH.. who is  working on my closet....

Nice work honey.. He is putting in the hardwood floors. I have started to buy a few things, a nice bench and long mirror and then next month our custom closet should be installed. It's been tough living out of boxes and the guest room .. but it will be worth it.. I am also hoping to cull out more clothes..

Then, off I was to go into my own special room.. Men have their "Man Caves".. My DH made this room for me several years ago (I think 2004 ).. anyway.. I have avoided this room for almost 2 years.. and that is so sad because it was designed by my DD Lauren, and built by my DH.. and I rarely used it... well friends, I have turned the corner and those days are behind me.. It is now my favorite room in the house.

I have a full size professional treadmill and elliptical

A full wall of mirrors
Flat screen TV
Weight sets
Water cooler
Exercise balls
and other contraptions, bands, mats.. you name it ..

So what has been my problem with using this room?? I don't know.. for some reason I had an absolute aversion and mental fear of going into this room.   And today.. I broke through that fear.. I went in with the vacuum and a bottle of windex and wiped down everthing then looked at my self in the mirror and said "Old Girl, get on that treadmill and move your ass".

And so I did.. I am hoping this is not a fluke in my drive.. I hope I stay with this.. I have an absolutely crazy work schedule and this room was (lovingly) built to accommodate my work schedule.

And most of all, I really do want to be healthy.
I know most of you want to be thin and sexy in your clothes.. When you get to my age you start to think about BP, cholesterol, wrinkles..menopause, heart attacks..all that fun stuff when you turn 50...
BUT   I am not ready to kick just yet, and if I can do an intervention on myself.. then I know that I AM TRULY IN CONTROL OF ME.         

One last picture.. 
Princess Chloe, who did not cooperate with her picture.  but here she is staring at a toy on the floor.. always wanting to play.

So I will probably close my day with the PM yoga.. and then hopefully pick some fun activities for tomorrow.
Be well


  1. Barbara, I am so jealous of your exercise room ;)!

    Use it in good health! I totally understand your desire to be healthy - my motivation to get the band was that I had found someone I wanted to be with forever, and I was scared I wasn't going to have that chance. Now I need to work it a bit better, but every day is a new day and a new opportunity to make good choices.

    Enjoy your yoga!

  2. What an awesome room! Congrats on getting back in there, and welcome to the challenge!

  3. oh my word, can I move into that room? Wow, nice looking!
    Good for you to overcome and get going! :)
    And when hubby's done with your floors, please send him my way! Got some basement floors that need some TLC! :)

  4. WHOA! That is some room - you even have a mirror and everything.
    It's a pretty cool feeling when things start to 'click.' I know JUST what you mean. I noticed the pic of you too.. you are looking seriously good. Now up you go, onto that exercise equipment and work your little heart out. xx

  5. Very nice gym!! Congrats on getting back in there, you are doing great!

  6. Wow, my exercise room is jealous of your exercise room!! Can I come over???
    I am proud of you for getting on the treadmill-- and let me tell you, girlfriend: hope will get you nowhere, just get your ass on the treadmill and forget about hoping you will (ha ha!!)
    I tell myself, "I'll just walk for 20 minutes" and then I always do more. It is just the act of getting on the damn thing-- and DON'T force yourself to RUN. Just walking WILL do fine, please trust me. Overexerciser (past) speaking here....

    Finally: Do you keep a pair of sneakers and workout clothes (socks, pants, shirts, bras) in your exercise room?
    I do that-- and it really helps me, if I walk into the basement NOT dressed to work out, all I need to do is strip and put on the clothes that are right there waiting for me.

    A great technique, hope it works for you! you are doing so great... and you LOOK great in the pictures too.

  7. Just found your blog. What an AMAZING exercise room!!


  8. Love the exercise room! Thanks for all the kind words you left on my blog - it looks like we are neighbors - I am from Berks Co.!!

  9. What a great exercise room you have...put on some bangin music and you're all set!

  10. Any questions let me know... so glad the 30 minutes are just right for you and Princess Chloe, Barbara!

    With gratitude,
    elena brower