29 January 2010

ITS FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quickie here. .my restriction is for real.. I thought my body was playing a joke on  me.. but OMG I am really just able to eat small amounts..and then I AM FULL and not just for a nano second.. for like 3 hours.. and the burping that accompanies the fullness.. Let's just say I think I could take the big time belchers down!!

Its lunch time (usually when I get a break between calls) and I have no sense of hunger (nada).. So I am wondering ----do I eat.. do I not eat.. do I worry about my proteins getting in throughout the day.. do I just say the hell with it and do a protein crunch at the end of the day...
Who would think I would have this kind of conundrum???
BTW, I have read on several blogs about logging food in on FITDAY (or thedailyplate).. I LOVE FITDAY.. I can aimlessly log my food in during BORING conference calls.  It has so many different screens and I have included below the calorie intake  projection for me to lose 25 lbs by 01 May 2010 at a rate of 2 lbs per week. It's. Absolutely Doable..  check out the site if  you haven't already...

                         Your Calorie Balance Equation

Calories You Burn -  Calorie Restriction = Calorie You Can Eat

   2,613        minus         1,027         =              1,586

I feel like all of the little secrets are presenting to me .. and I am really starting to figure this out... yipeee!! Happiness abounds.. I know I am probably starting to sound annoying.. oh well...
One last thing today is my 3 month bandiversary... so for newbies out there.. you may get to restriction sooner than this (and I hope you do) but you also may be a slow poke like me and have to wait it out.. just want to share my personal experience..


  1. Happy 3 Month Bandiversary Barbara!!

    Congratulations on the Restriction too! I can't wait until I get some real Restriction too. I am at 4 cc's in a 10 cc Band.

    This site you provided sounds great, I will try it out too. Have a great weekend!


  2. That's so great. Can't wait to hear about the pounds melting off you!

  3. Barbara, hope for all of us still working our way there... use this restriction to your best advantage, and tell us all about your strategies so we know what to do when we get there!!

    Yay for you!! Let the pounds drop off!!

  4. It took me six!!! I lost little bits along the way but didn't really get great restriction until six months. Three is good.


  5. Oh thats fantastic news! WHOOOOOO - this is the start of something beautiful!!