29 January 2010

It's Freakin 17 Degrees Outside... with wind chill ..Feels like 2!!!!!!

I hate the COLD!!!! When I officially become a geezer.. I am heading south..There is NO WAY I am spending winters in the north (if I can help avoid it).
I had to run out last night to pick up some things, and I swear it was not until 2 am that I thawed out.. Do you think being cold burns more calories (the body trying to keep warm).  Do Eskimos find the cold as an advantage as a dieting tactic ??  [sorry these random thoughts pop into my head now and then].

I think I am starting to take a page from Vanessa's book.  I got up way too early this morning, to get a jump start on work issues (EUROPE and ASIA are already half way or done their work day).. it sucks being global.

But the GOOD NEWS is that my scale is moving again.. YIPEEEE.. I am now 2 pounds from onderland and hope to breakthrough  over the weekend, with a real conscious effort with the exercise.  Kristin is going to set up the next exercise challenge.  AND I have printed out the couch to 5K workout plan.  We (our entire clan) do a 5K in October to raise funds for research for Multiple Myeloma (different blog though).. But the point is that I am going to do this workout plan with the goal of running (not walking in this 5K).. It may take me until October to get ready.. Hey I never said I was an Olympic athlete.. I eventually get to where I am going.

So blah, blah, blah.. this is a longer post. but here is wishing everyone a wonderful (warm) Friday.. and great start to a healthy eating weekend....be well


  1. Alright Barbara... now that is some magic of the fill working to re-fire your motivation. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. You're right, I cannot let someone else dictate how I am going to feel. I just am really bent out of shape and need to re-orient myself into the position of strength that I know.
    In any case, I haven't been good with the food journalling, but I think it is an essential key-- it was EASY to do when I was being good all the time. Glad to know folks are listening and read that one too!!

    Great on the exercise, just remember: don't OVERDO it out of the gate. A little at a time means alot.

  2. TWO POUNDS from Onederland! That rocks, girl. As for the weather, we're right with you here in CT, although I know Bucks is frequently colder than here because we're right on the coast.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm!

  3. C25k is a perfect way to begin because you only do it three days a week! I'm on week 4, going to try it tonight even with my bad cold because I just don't want to get off track. So excited that you're so close to onederland. It's a glorious place here!! GO BARBARA GO!! xoxo

  4. BRRR. I think the humid cold is the worst, it goes to your bones. And, I think cold weather does help you burn more calories, something about your body trying to keep it's core temperature up. Anyway, go for it this weekend, you can kill those two pounds!

  5. I read about how its cold up North and that spins me out - because here in Australia, its reversed lol. SOUTH is cold! EEK... Hope you managed to stay warm.

    Two pounds from Onderland is an awesome place to be and I can totally see you knocking this off sometime over the next week - if not sooner. Sending heaps of 'pound melting' thoughts your way. Hope it works (oh, and the exercise plan you have set up lol.)
    Cara x