28 January 2010

Is this Possible>>

I noticed something different yesterday with my band, but really didn't focus on it too much.
But then, it happened again today.
My band feels tighter
Is this possible??  I had my fill last week and to tell you the truth I really didn't think the 1cc that was added made any difference at all.  It didn't slow me down from my usual eating over the last few weeks.
I had to leave for work early yesterday, so I didn't get my breakfast in.. When I got to work, I had a cup of tea and a special k bar that I picked at during teleconferences. Usually by noon, I am thinking about the food.  But guess what.. it was 2: 30 before I realized I didn't eat lunch yet.. When I got home last night from work, I made some lentil soup, and really nursed the 1/2 cup..
Today.. much the same. I did have 1/2 cup of Special K.. and then  for lunch I made a delicious tuna salad on my new favorite bread..It's called  Deli flats (thin rolls).. and they have 100 calories Total Fat 1 g; Sugars 3 g; and Protein 6 g.  quite a good find and really tasty. 

anyway... I opened my sandwich and  took 2 bites and WHAT??  I feel full.... what's going on!!  After a few more phone calls, I thought I would try again.. but no real hunger so why eat..
So on to dinner..now I am thinking I am really not getting my protein in, so I probably should a protein smoothie.. which is probably a good 8 to 10oz... hello.. probably after about  4 oz.. I am full.. how can this be?

I guess tomorrow will be the real test  to see if my band is as tight as it feels ... now please understand, I AM NOT COMPLAINING.. I am just amazed that it feels this way, and that this all kicked in a week after my fill.  It is quite baffling.and something I have been "googling" the hell out of to figure out.  So until tomorrow.. be well.


  1. YAYYY!!! That is the best news ever. It's such a spin out when we forget to eat - when did we ever do that before? My fill also takes a bit to kick in after - around the week mark too.. so maybe this is par for the course. Hope it brings a lovely weight loss for you!!

  2. Barbara - what protein powder do you use in your smoothies? I'm thinking I need to start doing this on the weekends. I've heard of some people that get tighter in the one to two weeks after their fills. I've got 6.8cc's in my band and had to give up the deli flats a while ago. I miss them!

  3. Yay! Your band is finally working the way it's supposed to work!!! I hope tomorrow is the same story. Let us know!

  4. I'm waiting to forget to eat...my band is being a bit weird today, but I am def. hungry. And I ate super fast today, so I had problems.

  5. Barbara - that's awesome you're feeling restriction. I love those deli thins - but had a bad experience a few weeks ago with one. :(
    I hope the restriction stays!

  6. Yep, that happened to me! Definitely more restriction the week after a fill last time. Now I just got fill #4, up to 7.4 ccs, waiting to see how this will go...

    That is awesome, I hope the restriction sticks!

  7. YAY!!! I'm waiting for this to eventually occur... but it is obvious that we all come to it sooner or later!