21 January 2010

Maybe I am Just Right

So, it's been about 24 hours since my fill, and  here are my observations.
  • I don't get that sense of "boy am I full, I can't eat another bite".. BUT I am not as hungry and have been able to go longer with out the stomach churning or gurgling..
  • So that is GOOD. I am simply eating what I measure out and then stop.
As far as food choices:
Last nite I had turkey chili (held me over just fine)
This morning I had special k cereal and some yogurt (no more feed me more urges)
And I just had a mid morning snack.  so far so good..  I will take it.

One thing I thought about last nite is that maybe I am focusing on this restriction too much, like it was supposed to be some magical state that you are in..  I read in Cara's blog (The Dash) that her doc really does support the slow and steady fills.. and not to overfill and be too agressive. I tend to think that is the right approach.  Although I will tell you that my first fill provided no feeling of satisfaction.

I do have another appt in 4 weeks.. maybe it's just a matter of tweaking the fill level now (hopefully).  Anyway, I am glad I have no Pb'ing or heartburn or other side effects.. I am not a good puker, I cry when I puke.. interesting word isn't it.. I will have to look up the origin..(sorry, that is how my mind works).

Anyway, be well. .It's thursday, and that means just one thing.. one more day till the weekend.. yahoo.


  1. I am trying to go really slow on my fills as well. I don't think I want the restriction so tight that PBg becomes a way of life. Go slow, be able to eat foods and stay full, thats my ideal sweetspot

  2. I just found your blog via Amy's blog. I am happy to have found you and look forward to following you!

    Anna<- http://thatgirlsforeverdiet.blogspot.com/

  3. turkey chili mmmmhmm that sounds good. Where was my phone call to come over?

  4. Give your fill a little time to work: re: the feeling full stop sign. Sometimes it can take up to a week for it to kick in (this, I know from experience!! lol)

    You def sound like you are doing great though. You really are. Good food choices too.. and the biggest thing? Portioning your meal and then stopping: well done!!!

  5. I think Shakespeare actually coined the word 'puke'.. at least that's what they taught us in grade school. :)

  6. You are at a good place! The biggest indicator about a good or bad fill is how hungry you are - if you can stay full (or at least not looking for food hungry) with the type of eating you described, then you are on your way!