03 January 2010

Personal Challenge...

Sigh.. it's Sunday... tomorrow it's back to work after having 2 weeks off.. Back to the old routine and schedule (or NOT).  However, I do so much better with everything in life when it is structured (and that includes eating and exercising habits).

I intentionally got up early today (after sleeping in for the last 10 days or so) to clear my head and set a personal challenge to get to onderland by next Saturday (my birthday). I have been flip floppin around with the last 2 or 3 pounds that have been holding me back from entering this new threshold.. 

Reflecting on the last year, I now realize that I  had so  much going on in my life between my husband's stem cell transplant and battle with cancer (I think I ate my way through 20 pounds dealing with that), the excitement of my daughters wedding, our very successful myeloma fundraiser and the stress of my job, I found a million excuses why I didn't have time to focus on my health and weight loss.  Perhaps the decision to get the band was an admission that I needed a bit of help and discipline in this area.

 I have also taken on a new mindset of "I'm doing it for me". 2010 will be my year..

Also, as a postscript, I want to thank all of my new followers for checking in on my blog...sometimes I post idle chatter topics.. (it's therapy for me)  But it is very reassuring to know that the band blog community is out there and to know that you are not alone in this journey...
A shout out to Vanessa (Dinnerland) who will be starting her journey tomorrow.. Good Luck...
And to everyone else.. be well.


  1. Barbara, thanks for the shout. I like your phrase "I'm doing it for me" -- very appropriate. When you have a loved one who needs your care and attention (especially if it is your husband)-- the stress can be unbearable. I feel for you, with my father and sister both having had cancer in the past. I hope your husband is doing well and it takes nothing from his health for you to focus ALSO on you.

    See you on the the other side of my band... thanks for the well wishes!!

  2. Hi Barbara!!

    I'm SO glad you left me a message because finally I can access your blog - when I tried before (because I noticed you were following me..) it didn't show you had one.. so I thought you were blogless (did that make sense?? lol)

    I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. So much chatty information (I was reading back and love the way you chat about NY.. 47th street, Broadway.. stuff I only read about!!) Also loved the poor polar bear with a blue tongue lol. While you guys are freezing over there.. we are sweltering.. its been in the high 30's (degrees) today and more to follow all week.. blech.. downside to summer.. about 25 degrees would do me just fine.

    Looking forward to more posts.

    Seeya soon!

  3. thx for the support on my blog- i am down.... but i will get back up again....