05 January 2010

Before and After.. still a way to go though

Ok, so I figure I better start to do a photo chronical of my progress.... so here it goes.
For the record, I HATE getting my picture taken, and these are truly POSED pictures. I guess I will never make the cover of Vogue.

29 OCT 2009 - Day of Surgery

05 JAN 2010 - about 30lbs down

It's kind of weird to post these pictures.  I really don't see the weight loss as others see it (I guess that happens). 
My next BIG goal is to get to Onderland (I am about 4 lbs away) and I really want to see that number change in a big way.  As far as eating, I have been doing a mix of shakes and meals (focusing mostly on getting the 53 gms of protein) so I am meeting my requirements.  Fat intake hasn't been too much of an issue, but I really have to get more exercise into my routine.
Would love to get to onderland before I punch another year out on my age card this Saturday. So we will see how this week goes.
Next fill is scheduled for 22 JAN 2010.. can't wait, could use that edge..


  1. You look FANTASTIC. 30 pounds in two months and a few days is amazing. Keep your eyes on the prize for Onederland!

  2. Sending Onederland wishes your way!

  3. You can so see a change in your demeanor and your attitude !! You just look so much more relaxed and content in the post pics. And 30 lbs in 2 months with minimal fill ( which means you've done it all on your own!!) Is a hell of a good job !! You're doing great, keep it up !

  4. Wow you look amazing! Seriously! I totally see the difference.

    And looks like a lovely Bucks Co. home you have!

  5. First up, you really do look good. Even if you can't see the weight loss I can.. in a big way!!!

    Your profile pic up the top with you laughing and wearing pink? Stunning! You look beautiful and confident and I just love it. :)

  6. You can totally see the difference! You look beautiful!

    Next up spandex, let's conquer that bully.

    P.S. I hope you're watching the Biggest Loser!

  7. Aww. you guys are soooo nice (and very kind in your comments).
    I am totally watching the Biggest Loser, I still get so motivated by their weight loss efforts. I just don't know why they all don't get banded!!!

  8. Barbara, sorry I missed this post in my post operative haze, you're looking terrific and there is a definite difference! Good for you!!!!