06 January 2010

Where Do the Words from Blogger Word Verification Come From ??

We all are prompted to do it.. you know, type in those silly words when we post to a blog.

The reason for the action is pretty clear: This action is there to prevent automated systems from adding comments to your blog, this is because it takes a human being to read the word and pass this step.
Random spamming is done by software programs and if you think it's difficult for a human to read those crooked scrunched up silly words, then FAHHGETABOUT IT   for a computer to figure out. So you are a bit safe.

But the big question for me is how are those words generated and is there a blogger word dictionary..
I saw in Amy's post about she saw Saten and thought it said Satan, which made me laugh out loud.  But I had one that was FAITSO, and I read it as FATSO.. So I know what you mean, I guess a little paranoid that some big computer is looking back at me (HA HA).. oh well.. another random idle thought.. carry on...


  1. Hey this is a really interesting post. While I hadn't wondered where the words come from (because I have noticed a pattern... the more comments you make on blogs a day, the longer and more complicated the word becomes - I've had some doozies..) but I had wondered why we had the word in the first place. All to do with spam. Great to know.

  2. Personally, I HATE those verification words, they are such a PAIN. I decided to remove mine from my blog just to see what would happen and have never gotten any type of spam or unwanted comment. I figure I can always turn it back on if I start having problems. BUT - it wont keep me from commenting, so I take no offense to anyone who continues to leave that feature active. Love your blog and thanks the pics earlier!

  3. My husband (computer engineer) said the verification software people worked long and hard to develop word combinations that were readable (being close to real words) that people could replicate them more easily but still make them difficult enough for autospammers to have failure with. I think they are a cool thing. I also enjoy seeing what my word will be ...I have thought about saving a bunch up and writing poetry with them.