07 January 2010


I am so disappointed.  I really started out this week with the best intentions and mindset to make it to Onderland.. I had a food plan, exercise plan, the whole nine yards.... and it just ain't happening. 

  I am just eating and eating.. it's not that I am eating crap, I am eating turkey chili, and clementines, and a bowl of cereal and beans and rice and brie and crackers... I can not get satisfaction..and  I have NO Restriction.  I pack my lunch for work, with the thought that when I am out of food that's it.. I even have chewable fiber tablets that I supplement throughout the day, thinking that would kill my desire to want to eat more.  I am trying to figure this out in my head.. it must all be stress related eating...I have so many fires to put out at work..
... I guess this is Bandster Hell.. I hate Bandster Hell, in fact "to Hell with Bandster Hell"
I called the surgeon's office today, trying to get my appointment moved up (as I am scheduled for the 22nd).. there are just no openings, I am on the cancellation list though.  I even thought about saying it was an emergency, yeah but I am not a good liar. I guess I am also feeling frustrated... but I will get over it...Just give me my damn fill already.. be well..


  1. Yuck, that sounds miserable (well, except for the brie and crackers part...). Maybe the doc will have a cancellation soon. Hang tough.

  2. I am so sorry-- and I don't look forward to having that happen to me, quite frankly. Try MORE fiber rich foods, and maybe sip on broths and other filling warm low cal beverages between meals?
    I agree with Kristin: I thought things like brie and crackers were out of my life, so that doesn't sound too bad!!

    Sorry. Fill coming soon, right? :-)
    Hang in there!!!

  3. I hear ya! Mr. Scale and I are at war and I sent him to the garage, only letting him out on Fridays :)

  4. I remember this part, so frustrating! The fill will be here soon!

  5. I'm right there with ya, lady!

    I made two appointments ahead with my Dr, each 4 weeks apart. I'm going to continue doing that.

    When I went in for me surgery consult I asked both the nurse and the surgeon, what do you see in the patients that have the most success? (Question suggested by Jenn) They both said when the patient comes in monthly. They don't always need a fill, but it's good to check in. For me, the first 90 days are covered as post-op, and after that, my co-pay is $20. So I'm aiming to follow this...meanwhile...now that I know I can eat real food, I'm going kinda nuts!
    I've been fantasizing about Chinese food like there is no tomorrow - that's my bete noir!

  6. Barbara,

    Waiting is the pits! But, this will work, and you WILL lose weight.

    Thanks for your comments on soda- the whole thing was rather tongue in cheek (pun intended).

    Hey, you're a PA girl! I'm a MD girl. I don't live there any longer, but my parents,etc still do. Go east coast girls!


  7. hey barbara,

    when i was in bandster hell my surgeon's office stressed to me to make sure i was eating full proteins and to get away from the mushie foods -- like my former lover mr. brie....

    try 4% small curd california style cottage cheese too. it is thicker and less watery than most cottage cheese and i find it is my filler up food.

    good luck... you are right around the corner from the 22nd!

  8. I too am in BANDSTER HELL!! My 2nd Fill isn't until the 25th & I can't wait!! Good luck.