11 January 2010

A Quickie...

Ok, I have major SH*T coming down at work... so this post will be a quickie.
I was able to bump my fill up two whole days to the 20th  (I went for it cause I need it).

Actually today has been a great food day.. I guess cause all of that stomach acid has been sloshing around with work issues, no desire to eat, but did get my protein in..

And.. I think I get the message.. I SHOULDN"T BE EATING BRIE (I love a good brie).. it is my devil food. (sigh).

That's it for now.. A big shout out to my new followers.. sending hugs OOO..


  1. Hey Barbara, we are Fill Sisters! I am going in on the 20th for my 4th fill. I don't need much this time, just a little. How much fill do you have in your band now?

    Hope the work crap is short-lived.

  2. Just remember to exhale...that's what I keep reminding myself when work gets crazy !! Good luck and hope the fill works out!

  3. Oh please don't talk trash about brie like that. Can't we all still be friends with it? Please???

    Good luck with the fill!

  4. Thank goodness you were able to get your Fill date moved up some! I wish I could. Also, you are lucky, you only have to consume 53 grams of Protein a day, I have to consume at least 65!!! Luckily for me, I don't like Brie.

  5. Oy, I hate work agita... blech, it does kill my appetite in a snap (if I had one currently, I am sure it would kill it.)
    Great news that your fill got moved up !

  6. Barbara-- thanks for the welcome back. Always glad to see your posts! and thanks for the puree advice, I am not feeling so great in terms of eating... just kind of bleh and vaguely stomach upset (just south of nauseous or something ?.)
    My body is alittle angry about all of this I suppose. It's a healing process.

  7. Hi Barbara!!

    Thanks for your comment! You are too kind! My fill went great today, I just blogged all about it!!! Good idea moving yours up! I always do that if I feel like I could eat my arm haha.


  8. Hey again,

    Yes they always pull the fluid out before putting it back in to make sure you have no leaks. You may not have a leak, not everyone has restriction at the asme levels. Actually at 5.5 (before todays fill) I felt totally different from back in September when i was at 5.5 before I had an Emergency unfill. Everyone is so different!! Don't worry you will hit your sweet spot soon!!


  9. Thanks for the continued great and supportive comments on my blog. You're the best, now put up a new post already, lady!