22 February 2010

FILL DAY - Phase I

Ok, if you can't already tell by the title of my Post..     

So to ensure truth in reporting, I am going to update this post over the course of  three different time points through out the day.  This is to relay how my emotions prepare, respond and retract to the event.   Unfortunately, I have a hectic work day ahead  of me.. my boss will be arriving this afternoon, for a 3 day on site visit (sigh).
So the posts will be written in these sections:
Phase I = Prefill;  Phase II = After Fill  and Phase III = Evening Retrospective

So this is Phase I - Prefill Post  (8:38 EST)

I am as nervous as can be.. in fact, I am currently feeling  lots of intestinal rumbling from nerves. I have no justifiable reason for this emotion (besides my imagination of  watching that big hunkering huber needle piercing through my flesh) and then the anticipation of the  thoughts about the fill [what will he give me now] . 

Will I get that restriction that I oh so want?.  Don't get me wrong "The actual visit" is very pleasant, it's just all of the anticipation of outcomes that makes me nuts. . My appt is at 11:00.. so my next update will be in early afternoon (EST). Wish me luck....

PS... Yeah TEAM USA.. it;'s not over till the fat lady sings.. Anyone got a pitch pipe to strike a high C??


  1. Breathe, Barbara, BREATHE. I hope all goes well and this is the fill that gets you exactly where you want to be. I'll be thinking of you at 11, good luck!

  2. I'm not even banded and i'm feeling scared about my first fill too! :) After reading about how fills go .. sounds like it shouldn't be all that painful! Good luck! It's worth it right!

  3. You're going to do great Barbara! Lay there and daydream about your svelte self rocking a leopard bikini!

  4. You'll be fine, angel...it's nothing! Really! And I didn't have freezing or anything like that...just a little poke. Good luck!!

  5. Piece of cake...love following the blow by blow...too exciting!!! :-)

  6. Oh I so hope you get some restriction from today's fill...good luck with the boss's visit