21 February 2010

Brainy Thought...And Scientific Study

 I Need a shift in direction for the evening so I thought I would get real cerebral on you all****

If only Icould benefit from the  total calories utilized from bothy my physical and mental exertion, then  you know what??
I would be a tooth pick.    But alas, that is not the case..

I say this because, while I was supposed to be reviewing a report for work, my mind took a detour and decided to do a lit search on the relationship of salivary cortisol levels in obese subjects compared to cortisol levels in gastric banded subjects.

Well.. I found 1 very small study (which I will not get into, but the summary was basically stating that eating disorder in lap band subjects did not differ from those w/o eating disorders, but that the study results should be viewed as inconclusive because  the sample size was to small to draw a definitive conclusion).

But I did come across this study:  Grazing and Loss of Control (LOC) Related to Eating  that was published in Obesity Journal in 2007.  Just click the underline above and it will take you to the publication.

Basically the study concludes that if you had grazing and over eating dependencies before surgery .. you will most likely continue this pattern, unless you consciously change this behavior (meaning YOU need to make the change, the band won't do it for you).

Below are excerpts from the aforementioned article, that point to likely outcomes (remember its one study, so don't walk away feeling defeated).

"Grazing was common before and after surgery. All but two (5.9%) preoperative grazers continued this eating pattern after LAGB. Although not statistically significant, grazing prevalence was 31% higher after surgery compared to baseline. Not only does gastric restriction permit the repeated intake of smaller amounts of food, it may facilitate this eating pattern. Furthermore, both preoperative and postoperative grazing independently predicted poorer postsurgical weight loss."
"It is uncertain whether preoperative binge eaters are more likely to experience postsurgical feelings of LOC or how recurrent episodes of LOC influence weight loss and psychological state. We have previously found that emotional disturbance related to feelings of LOC, even while eating subjectively large amounts of food, was common among surgical candidates, and predicted by markers of psychological distress (18)."
 The point of sharing this information is to further support what we have been saying all along.. the band is a tool.. not a magic bullet, not a cure all.. not the complete answer.. It's still all about behavior modification, and having a sense of self awareness.. 

But let's turn the tables and design thisstudy the way it should have been designed:
MY clinical study design would only have one inclusion criterion and question:

Question: Do you have a fat ass... 
Subject's Answer    YES
I then hand them the study protocol  and ask them to read the directions written on the paper. :
The Study Subject Reads the statement out loud: 
Shut your pie hole when you are full. 
Clinicial Investigator to Subject:  Do you think you can follow these instructions?
Study Subject:                               YES
Clinical Investigator:                   Then you should do fine with your gastric band..

Alright I am going back to the USA/Canada game as it is 3/2 USA in the second period.. what a good game..Two of my FLY GUYS are on Team Canada.. I feel a little schizo cause I want to cheer for both teams..


  1. first of all: LMAO!!! Second of all, I was thinking about THIS EXACT THING just today (as I was grazing!) and thinking, wow...I might be up a certain creek if I don't cut this out! Clearly this is true...there have been studies!

    V. glad you posted this!

  2. Interesting study-can you put the link on so I can go read it? I think they need to do more studies to figure this thing out and help all of us varied and difficult people be successful. I wish the funny bits you added were that simple. sigh........

  3. Just click the Gazing and Lost Control Related to Eating words.. this will take you right to the article.

  4. Great information. I need to go soak my brain now. Too much for a Sunday evening. LOL!
    I guess I will say, I'm happy I don't have the grazing problem. I was always more of a binger. I definitely can not do that anymore, so the band has helped me. Of course, sometimes I still WANT it once in awhile, I just can't physically eat it. I've had to find other ways to cope with stress and boredom.

  5. OMG I am totally ROTFLMAO !!! This is freaking hilarious !!! I am sooo gonna print this out and put in on my cubicle !!!

  6. Very funny and basically just good advice!!!!

  7. lol Another cracker of a post!!! I wish MY printer was working. Clever!

  8. OK-now that the game is OVER! Congrats to team USA (do you hear the sadness in my writing). But we aren't out yet and maybe a rematch before the week is over. US outplayed and womped team Canada. We got what we deserved. til next time...