21 February 2010

What I might do Today...

Have you ever had this URGE.. to just take your scale and BLOW IT UP!!.. 

My body goes down a pound and then up a pound, down a 1.5 and up a pound, down 1.5 and up a pound.. What gives!!... and then the mind starts to wonder.. 
Perhaps my calorie intake and expenditure is at an equilibrium.. and the metabolism needs more reviving up.. perhaps my metabolism is just so screwed up it just goes into calorie deprivation and protection mode.. I don't know.. 

Enough about this.. on to a different topic.

Ok.. my DH, DD and SIL and I went out to see "Shutter Island" last nite... to give you a hint.. I have renamed this film "SHUDDER Island"  Now, I am not a movie critic by trade, but here is my short summary.. Save your $10.50.  It was a long ass movie, bizarre and the action really didn't pick up till the last 30 minutes of the film.

Moving on to other topics...

You probably know that I am following the Olympics.. 
Have you watched any curling.. Can you figure this sport out? 

This is what my eyes see when I watch it (particularly the woman's curling event).

One woman pushes a stone bucket across the floor, while to other women take their brooms and try to scrub the floor going back and forth with their brooms trying to get that bucket across the floor as fast as they can to get the job done.

I am sure that is NOT what the sport is about  but as they are whisking their brooms back and forth they are talking trash... "SCRUB HARD GO!! SCREW YOU SCUFF MARK"
(that's Barbara's perspective).

BUT THE BIG EVENT will be this evening (east coast time).. Team USA vs. Team CANADA hockey match.   Now I have favorites on both teams, but will align with my national team USA.. and cheer the underdog on...


  1. Oh thanks for the USA vs. Canada reminder!

    The curling is bizarre. Totally beyond me.

    And as for the scale - swing away! Not really, but I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes you just have to wait it out - and then you get a big 2 or 3 pound drop if you're lucky. Hope that happens for you!

  2. Too funny-when I saw the picture I thought maybe there was a constipation problem going on. My scales are stuck too but I think they will eventually move.

    OK, Hockey, especially between the US and Canada makes me so hyper I can't watch. I switch to the game about every 10 minutes to see the score but can't deal with the stress. I want them all to win. Oh well--just a semi-final. The real game will be the medal game. I hope it is US and Canada for the gold just to build the excitement. Canada goes completely insane when that game is on.

    Curling--I agree, it makes as much sense as a bunch of guys hitting a ball into a small hole on a green in hushed tones.

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I´m with ya on the scales, sister! I think mine is possessed sometimes!

    We saw Shutter Island last night too!!!!! I didn´t hate it quite as much as you, but it sure isn´t one of my favorites. I agree--save your money and Netflix it!

  4. LMAO!!! I LOVE your summation of curling !! I always thought it was a way weird and useless sport ( apologies to any fans!!). I hear you on your scale woes ! I had a good 3 weeks where this was my pattern. My doc said to include some strength training which should start priming the metabolism. She suggested that pilates and yoga would be the best choice...hope it helps !!

  5. I have never seen that curling but from your pic it looks weird. I hate my scales at the moment too....down down then up for a week only to lose again at the tail end of the week....when you are finished with the dynamite....can I borrow it???

  6. um, yes..I have wanted to blow up my scale!