20 February 2010

Kick Back Saturday.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

OK, I gotta tell you I had to move on from my last post, that picture is still freaking me out and just makes me think of my dream.. .so it's on to kick back Saturday... It's my favorite day of the week.. 

A warm welcome to my new followers... and to my faithful band buds.. thanks so much for your comments and help with dream interpretation.. yeah.. I am a bit frustrated and anxious and (well probably nuts) but we won't go there.. about my upcoming fill.  I almost want to do it myself.
I did have a unique thought about the band though... Remember when you were first banded.. that first week. boy everything (hurt) but the band also felt tight.. that was probably because between the surgery and having this band around your stomach it caused the swelling which gave you that wonderful restriction and boy did we have a nice drop in weight.. well.. that's what I imagine the sweet spot is like.. that glorious point where you can eat that small bit, and not go into grazing mode 2 hours later.. [oh please tell me that is what it is like}

Other Updates:
So, I wanted to just update my progress.. the scale is moving down.. but its so freakin slow.. it's driving me nuts. I am tracking my food intake and am pretty much staying within 1000 to 1200 calories.. my fat grams are coming in around 35g.  I probably need to get that down a bit.  And I did celebrate with a clementine.

I have been doing a new form of exercise I call virtual exercise (this is where I expend energy and cheer via watching the Olympics).. 
Let's see... I did a couple slalom runs, a few half pipes and a good dose of woman's skeleton..   So I am beat.. I wish they could invent something that transfers calorie burns as you watch people do physical activity.. that would be a dream come true.

The cool beans is in my post because DH and I are going to spend some time at our local coffee house this afternoon.. and chill.

Have a great weekend.. enjoy.. cause on Monday... guess what we are getting SNOW!!!!!


  1. Ha Ha Ha if only we could burn calories that way!
    Enjoy your Saturday.

  2. I agree with Jen from Oregon-- ha ha!!!
    Listen B: if the scale is moving down... don't knock it. It is actually BETTER for your body to move down the scale slowly. Less of a shock to the system and preserving more muscle mass.

    Hang in there you're doing so great!!!

  3. We would be rich if we invent exercise that did that....I imagine that is exactly what the sweet spot feels like. In a book I read by Dr Fielding it said to remember what that first week after surgery felt like and that is what we were after with the band. Enjoy your Saturday....it sounds like Bliss

  4. LOVE the virtual exercise! And your sweet spot IS like what you mentioned... very close! I want to get back there. Keep your chin up - personally, after reflecting on a year (TODAY!) of being banded, I am realizing that maybe slower is better!

  5. Have fun chilling!!! Thats what the weekend is all about. x

  6. You should invent that calorie burning thing very good idea. Im willing to pay!