19 February 2010

My Nightmare

I will be the first to admit that some of my dreams are as bizarre as they can get.  But this one tops the chart (for me). OK, I know the picture is bizarre.. but so was my dream..

Here's the scene:  I am at the surgeons office for a fill (no coincidence as I go on Monday for fill #3 its been on my mind)

I tell the doc that restriction goes away pretty quick after a fill.  
I then direct him to  take the following action (do my fill under fluro).. 
Now my doc does NOT do fills under fluro, but he decides my order is brilliant and tells the nurse to proceed as the patient instructs.

Ok some other crap happened in the dream (but I can't remember).

What I do remember is that the doctor is looking at the screen as he proceeds with the fill and let's out a chill wrenching scream "IT's NOT THERE, THE BAND HAS DISAPPEARED"

I remember waking up in a sweat and catch myself talking in my sleep " I THOUGHT THAT WOULD BE THE CASE".

Alright I don't have the book that interprets dreams, but...perhaps your imagination can help me interpret this nightmare..
I am either a bossy B*tch
Or could have been a damn good doctor..


  1. I think your order made perfect sense! I am sure that your band is still there and your fill will get you closer to restriction if not all the way there. I will be thinking about you on Mon.

  2. It's weighing on your mind, girl. And I go for (B) .. a damn good doctor lol. (A) doesn't really sound like you..
    I like your blogger award up the top. When I was trying to put together 7 people (and decided against it, instead choosing to send out a group award to everyone) you were on my list. So I will say right here, right now.. I love your blog and how you approach life. You're always so great to me with your comments (and helpful.) Wish you lived closer.. we would have such fun (and get into such mischief!! lol.)
    Have a lovely weekend, Barbara. x

  3. I've never been one to interpret dreams but I can see that you are really anxious about these fills and getting a lasting restriction. Hope it gets there soon and stays. It's frustrating but you've done so well already I am sure its only a matter of time !!

  4. Poor Barbara! (That picture is sooo creepy, btw.) I hope your doctor is as responsive on Monday as he was in your dream. Minus the Creepy McCreeperson business. Have a good weekend!

  5. Thanks for the BB nom-- I need to respond and try it on my own, but things have been rough going at work... I'll post soon but really appreciate the shout

  6. Wow...imagine that??? But of course it is there....and restriction will be yours shortly...I am sure that is what the dream was telling you...it just liked freaking you out first. Good luck on Monday