19 February 2010

Wow WEE.. Thanks Band-Babe

Band-Babe so kindly nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.. (thanks sweetie) :)

So you know the drill, but I will state it here, because I am in compliance.. so here it goes:

• Thank the person who nominated you for this award

• Copy the award and post it in your blog

• Link to the blog of the person who nominated you

• Tell seven interesting things about yourself

• Nominate seven bloggers

• Post links to the blogs of your nominees

Well here goes - seven things you may not know about me:

1)  I love sports, but have been much more than a bench warmer in my younger days.  I played for 2 girls ice hockey teams and traveled to play in  tournaments in Canada and played at The Spectrum in Philadelphia before a Philadelphia Flyers game.  I also covered local ice hockey and had a BY Line in the newspaper at the age of 16.

2) I started out my college education in the school of  journalism at Penn State, but once I realized how much money journalists did not make made a career change to the drug development industry.

3). The most precious gifts bestowed upon me are my two daughters, Lauren and Allison.. mean more to me than they know.

4). I have a fear of snakes and snow tubing (not necessarily in that order)

5) If I had one wish in all of the world it would be to find a cure for multiple myeloma.

6) I love my parents more than I have ever told them, and want to thank them for everything they have done for me in my life.

7). I love to shop, decorate and entertain...

So here are my nominations -

 Just love your blog, perspective, and how you embrace life.. you have left so many comments on my blog (thank you)

One of my biggest band cheerleaders and I love ya girl!!

Your blog draws me in as  I am still trying to figure you, drazil and sheniqua out..  love your blog and attitude.
Athena's Melting  
I just love her style and her blog (love the pics you post), it's a daily must check for me. 

Bunny (Weightloss Expedition)
She is our UK beauty.. just love her posts.. very honest and invigorating.

I know she too has already received a nomination, but TJ  I find your comments on my blog to be very thoughtful

Carla (Loving Lucy lapband)
 She is an October bandster just like me, and is doing amazing!!!

Thank you again Band Babe;;;


  1. Barbara, thank you! You're so kind to think of me. Gotta support the fellow Pennsylvania natives, right?

    Smart move on the journalism... I could barely pay my bills on those newspaper salaries. I loved it so much I didn't care, but had I tried to live on a newspaper salary once I had children... wouldn't have loved it as much.

  2. Barbara, I had no idea you were a hockey star! Hockey is such a HUGE part of our lives right now - my 3 older kids plus my DH all play. And you probably know about our backyard rink...But anyway that is so cool!!!!!

    Thanks, as always, for your sweet comments on my blog!

  3. Oh yeah, congrats on the BB award! You were on my nominee list...but I am coming to the conclusion that I can't pick just 7!

  4. Your awrd is well deserved...congrats oh and I found a few new blogs to stalk

  5. You deserve this, Congratulations!

    Thank you so much for my nom..and I'm glad you like to check my blog, that makes me feel good..

    I see how it works now..I had no idea, I may hav to do this next week tho bc I am going away for the weekend.

    Have a good day Barbara!