26 February 2010

BlogLand Expands

I am so excited that I have 70 followers.. thank you all.. hopefully I don't bore you to death with my ramblings.
I also noticed my number 70 was Robin.. and jumped over to her site.. and signed up as follower number 3.. that was exciting, because I am usually slow on the uptake to find new blogs.. so if you get a chance.. please check her blog out at:

On a slightly different note, I have noticed a real trend in some recent bloggers who are about 30 days behind  me on fills and band dates.  I am reading a few comments about not getting the true restriction they had hoped for during a recent fill.and still feeling hungry  I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN BUT>>>>

Just like the experienced bandsters re assured me.. it will come with additional fills and time.. I have noticed a big difference between fill number 2 and fill number 3..   I went 4 weeks without losing one stinkin pound.. talk about frustration!!!

Gen told me this over and over again.. and its true.. restriction will come, and some times it does take a day or two to take hold..

I know we all want to wake up from surgery and be in major weightloss mode...   
Yeah well I wanted to wake up and be thin, rich and wrinkle free too.. it just does not work that way.. so patience is the key word here... it will come

Oh and one last rambling comment.. SCREW WINTER   I have had enough of this crappy weather. 

Have a nice day!!!


  1. This was a great post-- you rock.
    Thanks... we all need a hero when we're still working towards restriction.
    xoxo V

  2. Thanks--I needed to hear that about restriction!

  3. SCREW WINTER for sure! PA's had ENOUGH.

  4. True Dat about restriction! It will come but in the meantime we have to restrict ourselves. I wish I would have realized that 6 months ago!
    I'm with you on the winter thing too. One Word: SICKOFIT!

  5. Ah Barbara, you are always the calming voice of reason. Thank you!

  6. Barbara - yeah on 70! I'm jealous but I think it's your adorable smile-y picture that draws people in! I love your new pic - you are HAWT!

  7. How nice of Barbara to promote me! :)

  8. How is the restrictionnow B???? I hope the scales continure the downward rand

  9. Hey Barbara,
    I just had to pop over to tell you.. you asked if the two guys that had the fight in the dementia ward would even remember? I don't think they did.

    The fight was over the fact that Mr P keeps falling asleep in Mr R's bed, although he has a perfectly good one of his own at the other end of the hall. Mr R took umbrage that morning and whacked Mr P over the back with his walking stick and Mr R (who is the sweetest man...) actually got up and gave him the belly tap. The very next day? Mr P was asleep again (in fact I had to take him out of the room four more times that day alone) and Mr R kept saying each time.. there's a man asleep in my bed.. No recognition that they had even had a squirmish or anything. It's quite odd and yet par for the course.

  10. Patience, huh? I need to give THAT a try. I still find myself wishing my weight loss would hurry up (oh and I want the wrinkle free and rich now, too!). Sigh. So, I'll just be pissed at winter, too. Although, we've had next to no snow except for in the mountains. I like to be snowed in, probably because we don't have it. Back to patience...

    Good post, again!

  11. good point and i will back you up. i am just starting to realize what REAL restriction is. i wish the surgeon's stressed this more. keep up the amazing work...

    and i have no idea how you are surviving the weather you are getting....