27 February 2010

I am turning into a lazy eater...

I have lost the desire to put any effort into my meals..
and have turned into

Now lazy doesn't mean I am a rebel..

It's just with my new found restriction (oh lord please let this thing stay with me) I really don't find myself spending much time in the kitchen or even thinking about the meals.

Pre-restriction, I would think "Ok, I will have this for breakfast, and that for lunch and a few other things for snacks".  A lot of planning and anticipation.

Now.. with my new found restriction,  I haven't had those thoughts..
In fact, as I indicated in my previous post. my struggle with how to manage six small meals has  now become a non issue..

Is this a phase.??. don't know.. but if I just have a yogurt, or piece of cheese or bite or two of chicken to eat  ... well, that seems to be enough..

DH has been asking me if I am hungry or anything...
I think the "or anything" means when are we going to eat!!! (LOL).. that's when he breaks out the jar of PB&J... sorry honey..

Well short post.. tonight . but want to get a few things done this evening... stay warm..


  1. I'm almost to the point where you are at, it's a good feeling. I'm not worrying about what I'm going to eat especially if I'm away from the house and all of my band friendly foods.

  2. How funny, I'm definitely not there yet. I'm already angsting about tomorrow's dinner! I have book club tomorrow night and they've said dinner will be pizza and salad. Not sure I can have either, so I'll eat before I go.

    I'm so glad to hear all the things every promised us about this band are happening to you now, Barbara. Enjoy not thinking about food, and the weight loss that is sure to follow!

    Have a relaxing weekend.

  3. YAY! I think that's the best part of really good restriction. Food becomes alot less effort. It's a welcome respite when it happens for me. ENJOY it. Weird, huh?

  4. All par for the course, Barbara. I'm very similar. I don't plan.. if I'm hungry I eat (and then try to make a good choice.. heavy on the 'try' lol.) and when I do eat, it's not much. In fact I'm starting to worry my Mother in Law who scolded me the other day. You MUST eat, she said when I refused lunch with everyone. I just had morning tea with a friend I said.. (which was true).. so it's a whole new way of life, huh? Go you!!!!!! PS hope that restriction stays for you. Sounds like you're in a great place right now.

  5. I am totally with you! When I have a really good fill I don't think about food much. As my restriction slips and I need another fill I start nosing around for more food and anticipating food more. My family loves this as I plan meals better. The world is overall more joyful for everyone when I plan. It is hard work with a good fill :)..

  6. I know what you mean...except I want to get in some good stuff so came home from work and cooked up a batch of salmon rissoles and cauli mash for me and tacos for everyone else. I would have had them except it was mince and I don't like red meat. Soo I seem to be cooking more WTF???

  7. I find that the more restriction I get, the more habitual I become. Protein bar, iced coffee, yogurt, chili. That's pretty much everyday! You are not alone!!