01 March 2010


So how does this streched out skin thing work?

What I have noticed is that after I loose a few pounds, I then have a crepy appearance to my skin (like a 90 year old lately). Scared the crap out of me first; but then about a week later it started to tighten up and snap back into place (mostly)..

Is this how it works?

Is there a point when it doesn't shrink up and snap back into place?

I know there are alot of products on the market to "restore elasticity in your skin".. but have any of you actually found one that works??


  1. Um yah - a tummy tuck. LOL. Elasticity and stretch marks are hereditary...my mom is full of them and so am I. Elasticity lessens with age too so the older you get the saggier you get and losing weight doesn't help....no amount of exercise would get rid of my sagging skin - hence the tummy tuck/lipo.

  2. I don't think there is any product that applied outside your body with snap it into place. Guess you'll have to turn down the lights when you do the strip tease.

    I'm old, so I guess it'll be hanging for life. Never wore a bikini in my entire life so guess I never will. Glad you get a little snap happening though.

  3. Yeah, I was told by many docs to forget the creams and my age means I'm screwed. You lose most of your eleasticity by the time your in your early/mid-30's. I have however heard that the weight itself (fat left) does move around some on the people in maintenance even a year or more later (even at the same weight)...people say it kind of 'evens itself out'...I'll let you know LOL. It's my battle scars of my war on fat.

  4. I notice the creepy skin too. I know there's not much I can do about it (short of surgery), so I think I'll just keep wearing Spanx to hold it in.

  5. I have lost 100 pounds I have loose skin in strange places. While I don't like it I hated the fat that plumped it out.
    I have had some laser treatments on my arms that were a waste of money. Wish I hadn't bothered.

  6. I notice my flab goes floppy not so much the skin...hope you find an answer