03 March 2010

This is How I feel Tonight!!

I have been craving salty food all day..
so much so that I actually licked the balsamic dressing off of my salad plate, and then licked pita chips (what's with that !!).. So my fingers and feet feel like little meat sausages.  I would say that it is due to MTOTM,  but who knows..
I have been trying to compensation my NaCl consumption by drinking 3 bottles of water tonite, which means I will probably be up all night peeing..
Anyway.. I am hoping this craving is over, and I can return to normal tomorrow..things were just going fine.. I really think I am antsy for spring to come..  Am I alone ??


  1. Love the graphic. Especially the devil horns. I will tell you what I am telling myself after a terrible, horrible, no-good, awful, very bad day: Tomorrow is a new day! And it will be a great one for both of us, I'm sure. Hang in there, and get some rest in between trips to the loo.

  2. I have been having the worst salt cravings ever and I was really bad about what I ate...but it's better to just get rid of the craving and be done with it.

  3. Don't beat yourself up too bad! Look at how aware you were of it! That is a handy tool :)

  4. Since I ate that HUGE-5-FAMILY-BAG of potato chips I do not crave any salt any longer and I am so disgusted with myself that I don't need "salty" for a long time to come.

    If I were you I would just eat something salty and enjoy it to the fullest. You don't have to follow my footsteps (I am sure your band won't allow it anyway) and eat an entire bag of potato chips... but eat something that makes your cravings go away (in moderation).

    Love the picture!

  5. I have put a few shakes of salt in my hand and licked away. What is it about salt that sends us into a frenzy. But today is a new day.

  6. YOu are so funny. Moo.
    I LOVE me some salt too-- I think it may be the body's way of telling us to hydrate-- but we also get salt cravings from HAVING salt, so I've read... just a thought.
    Be well.
    xo V

  7. I am with you ...not on the salt but have been eating more this week due to TOM