01 February 2010

Does this Happen to You???

It's just me and my DH now at home...(and our 4 dogs).. So no need to cook big dinners, or buy those extra treats just in case.. In fact, I have a rather well disciplined pantry right now.  My splurges may be some hummus or brie, but none lately.

However, I have bought a few treats for myself when the urge strikes. I want to be prepared for having restricted calorie foods available (we still have halloween and christmas candy tucked away that I want to throw away, but DH says " no" he wants to nibble on them)..  Anyway, I did stack up on 24 cups of Dannon Light & Fit, yogurts and  a box of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches (if you've never tried they are quite good and only 1.5 g fat). and other little low fat/no sugar treats (jello, pudding).. Yoplait smoothie mixes ...you get the idea

Well guess who wants to SNACK on my treats??  At first I didn't say much or even give it a second thought. But I did grocery inventory last evening, figuring I would stop by the store on the way homw.  Holy Crap, where has everything gone?? Now I know it's not our dogs, so that leaves one other suspect in the house..
The Confrontation:  
Me: Are you eating my diet snacks?
DH:: What are you talking about?
Me:  What am I talking about? Half of my skinny cow's are gone?
DH:  Maybe they escaped into the yard
Me:  Verry funny.. where is my left over smoothie from this morning.
DH:  Oh, I thought that you didn't want that.
Me:  Did you ask me if I didn't want that?
Me: String cheese, Special K protein meal bars... how where they?
DH:  Good, but can you try not to buy the strawberry ones.. a bit sweet..

There was a time that I remember hiding my secret treats from the kids, NOW i have to hide my low cal emergency food from my husband!!!.
No.. I won't do that .. but I am not going to stop buying my Special k bars..that's where I draw the line.
I guess I won't tell him I have been cooking low fat for the past few months.. Oh Honey, that hasn't been ground beef in that chili.. it's been ground turkey..and the pasta.. whole wheat.. as is the bread.. Skim milk and no fat half n half..
Oh well.. could be worse..


  1. How funny! These husbands have amazing capacities for noshing on whatever's around, don't they? So glad you're doing the challenge!! Have a great week.

  2. lol Ok this got to me.. I'm still laughing.. your DH sounds just like MOTH.. I swear. I buy stuff (maybe pecans to put on a cake I want to make...) and where are they when I want them? Oh, MOTH ate them .. the whole packet. He does this all the time - and like you, I have to hide them if I don't want them gone. Men huh! Too funny.

  3. Just like my DH too! When the kids were here, I would buy snacks and cookies for them and we had numerous hiding places all over the house. He still found them. I wouldn't mind if he took one, but he'll eat the LAST one which is when I get really mad. Since it's been going on for 25 years, let me tell you-they won't change!

  4. I swear the same thing happens to me, I buy sugar free jello pudding for when I am having a serious chocolate craving...only to find it all gone by the time my craving comes around. It truly makes my head want to explode...

  5. ROFL! All DH's are alike.

  6. So..i have a solution....slowly make the candy disappear. Everyday take 3,4, or 5 pieces. Throw them in the can.

    As far as your treats are concerned-The good news is that he seems to like your snacks better than his bad old candy. Hopefully if he is eating them slowly (not the whole 6 pack of pudding in one day) he will be eating healthier too.

    My husband suffers from issues of a weighty kind too..so I am ecstatic when he is interested in cutting back :)

    I have had the skinny cows and LOVE them. the bad news is I have had the skinny cows and LOVE them...I used to eat almost a whole pack in a day. I wonder if the band would help on this one :)...some how I doubt it.


  7. Luckily, my DH is not a snack person - unless the snack is meat, cheese, or olives, which he eats constantly. My kids, on the other hand...forget it. I can't keep anything for myself. The best I can do is figure out things they don't like!

    P.S. Great to hear about your restriction!!!! Mine is back too!