01 February 2010

So what do You think about the New Jenny Craig Commercial

You know the cutesy one with Valerie Bertinelli and the actress Sarah Rue (never heard of her to be honest).  
Now don't get me wrong, I think Valerie B is rockin it and she looks absolutely wonderful.. But I absolutely do not feel the least bit inspired by this new commercial.. 
(PS I like to watch diet commercials, infomercials, and the before and after shots).  You know its like relating to the fat chick that conquered the impossible.And they always say " IF I can do it. SO CAN YOU"..

But this commercial.. nah.. just not doing it for me..

So ...What do you think??


  1. Hmm, haven't seen this commercial yet. Frankly, if it's not on during Ben 10: Alien Force or Tom & Jerry, it's not likely I'll see it anytime soon either. ;)

    I love before & after shots too. It's great to see people transform themselves.

  2. i haven't seen it yet...but I used to have the biggest crush on Sarah Rue. I hope she doesn't get "too skinny" <---- is that a bad thing to say? lol.

    i am obsessed with before and after shots too.

  3. I haven't seen this one but the new NutriSystem commercial really ticks me off for some reason. The girl with the 6 pack abs is saying "Before Nutrisystem I felt horrible, I was 28 pounds overweight!!" It makes me so mad every time I see it. First 28 lbs is not alot and 2nd Nutrisystem did not give you those abs and muscles...arrrr!

  4. Just watched the commercial and Sarah Rue is soooo happy she has lost 5 pounds and looks like she only need to lose another 5. Anyway, I keep thinking back to Kirstie Allen who brought Valerie to Jenny. She is huge-again. I feel bad for Kirstie as it is more revealing that Jenny couldn't help her keep it off. I am more ticked with the WW commercials that are running right now. Been there, done that. Haven't we all. The problem is the keeping it off part which is what I am depending on the band to help me with.