03 February 2010

New Exercise Find..

Could it be that I found an exercise routine that I might like?  

And can you guess who opened my eyes to this great find?  My Dad!!
I was over visiting my parents this evening and my dad was showing me his Wii Fit Routine (yes he is that hip). And then he puts on this exercise DVD and pulls out this contraption.

I started to watch it and then I picked up the bar that was attached to this board and started moving with the video.  I have to say I had flash backs when I worked with my personal trainer and did resistance training.   Anyway, the link below takes you to the webpage, and it looks like it has an infomercial type of demo, it's a little cheesy, BUT this thing really does give you a good resistance training workout..   Here is the link if you want to see what it looks like.

My DH even tried it out.. so I definitely think we are giving this one a try.. I really need to change things up to keep me interested... and engaged in exercise..

On the Food side, things are going quite well.. this morning I jumped on the scale and I was 0.8 lbs from Onderland... [sigh it is taking forever to get there.. but I am inching ever so close].

Tomorrow I am off to the salon to get a new style.. hope to get some pics to show you ..

In other news, the east coast is getting ready for a snow storm this weekend (yeah - NOT).. that damn ground hog didn't help matters.. so still counting the days till spring!!


  1. SOOOOOOOO close!! Oh Barbara, I'm really excited for you! That's awesome. 0.8 pounds... could be any minute now.

  2. I'm with Kristin, yeah baby!! Congrats and thanks for all the support on my blog. You have really helped me feel better about being hungry now... I know it is a part of an overall process and I am glad to know that you're further along and experiencing wonderful success. You rock and go girl with the exercise (though it looks like a weird sex toy-- what can I say??)

  3. Barbara, how is your mom doing? I was so sorry to hear you had to take her to the hospital. I've been thinking of you. And just like V said, your support and reassurance that this too will pass has been reallllly helpful!