05 February 2010

Blizzard Shopping

They are calling for a MAJOR snowstorm in the Philadelphia (and surrounding areas). 

So as a native of this area,  I am obligated to prepare for this event following our Snow Storm Code of Ettiquite and go out to the grocery store and stock up on bread and milk and other creature comfort foods in anticipation of being house bound for 1 day.  Yes as silly as that may sound to you, everyone does it.  Only thing is that I could not get to the store until 10 pm last evening, and damn it.. the ice cream case was cleaned out, the cookie aisle was bare, and there was barely a chip bag to be found.

So what did I do???  I grabbed some low fat cottage cheese, a few yogurts, and a bag of carrots.  So glad no one was wrestling me to the ground for those treats!!

I actually left the store with DH, feeling pretty good.. my food basket was fairly healthy, but truth be told I do think DH threw some sort of snacky food in there.  At one point, I did have a lovely section of  Brie in my hands.. (thinking this may be snow storm worthy and that I might as well buy it) BUT I did put it back...  So my fridge is stocked with healthy things, and that makes me feel good.

Still have not crossed that damn threshold of onderland, in fact the scale is up a bit 2 freakin pounds, but I think that maybe more water weight and lack of movementment else where in my body (if you know what I mean).

I have been doing my brisk walking.. and have been very good about my diet.. definetly keeping my fat g's in check.   And the restriction is working for me.. so all is good.. just waiting for the scale to adjust to my acts of kindness to my body.

Other news on the home front, my mom is home from the hospital .. and doing well (thanks for asking Kristin :)

Hope you have a warm weekend.. and if you feel like shoveling.. drop me an email..I will be happy to send you directions!


  1. I miss Maryland! I like the way everyone respects inclement weather on the East Coast. Over respect is preferable to thinking it's no big deal, which they do where I live now. It's not unusual to have hundreds, HUNDREDS of accidents during a snowstorm. Geez. That would be a state of emergency in MD. I think it's craziness to not stay out of the storm! Have fun, I love being snowed in. My favorite!

  2. I wonder if Mass is going to get it..? Well, happy snow day to you!

  3. Too Funny. Way up here in snowy Canada we actually have plows out to clear the streets (well not Toronto-they call out the army). The Eastern seaboard is really getting hit this year with snow. Right now in Ottawa we have sunny skies, about 6 inches of snow and the temperature is sitting around 28F(-5c). So I guess you can get that extra shovelling exercise. Have a snuggy good time with your carrots.

  4. Just got back from the grocery store meself, although we're only supposed to get a few inches up here. Don't worry about the two pounds, my scale was up 5.5 the other day and now it's back down to where it was on Tuesday. Such is life as a woman, I think. Enjoy the storm and stay warm!

  5. We're already well into the snow in MD! We could get 30 inches. You did good at the store. What is it about snow storms that makes you want cookies? Have fun and be safe.

  6. Sheesh...we call the army ONE TIME, and nobody ever lets us forget it! I waded through waist deep snow to try to shovel open the door to the funeral home that day, I'll have you know! lol!

    Hi Barbara! Thanks for the message on my blog...delighted to have you reading! Good luck with the snow!


  7. Yow.. sounds like you're really battling the snow.. not fun... but one thing I've noticed is how you are constantly making good choices on the food front. Congrats on that!!
    I was thinking of you during the week, wondering how you were doing.. sorry to hear about your mum.. and glad to hear she's doing better :)
    Will check back in the moment I get another chance. Catcha soon, Barbara,
    Cara xx

  8. We got nothing in Northern NJ. So much for the big blizzard-- I'm glad you got the healthy treats and the restriction is still in play for you. Can hardly wait to get mine in place... it's coming, even if not at the first fill,soon soon....