24 February 2010


Do you ever just want to escape?

Crazy thought eh?

This evening, I opened my laptop with the intention of thanking everyone for their comments on whether to go with my inclination to eat when hunger or to space out meals. 
Yes, that was my intention as I cuddled up on my chaise with a cup of tea and grabbed the remote to pop on  the TV to provide some white noise in the background as I pounded the key board (which by the way is still missing the O key.. its on order).

And then the broadcast started... the evening news that is.. you know that "show" that updates us on the events of the day.
Hoping to hear outcomes of Olympic events or updates on the threat of another winter storm promising to bring another 15-20" of snow to my part of the world...but no.. they were not  the leading stories.
It was about shootings, and killer whales, and heart attacks and fired teachers and  human right violations.

I don't know why I didn't turn off the news.
I can only say the attraction was similar to watching a train wreck.. horrible news and outcomes, but still attracted to the event.
By the end.. I didn't even care to write about my woes.. I just wanted to hit the escape key..


  1. I LIKE the study you posted, if for no other reason than to make me think. I'm so glad you are the kind of person that takes the time to research and share. I guess my main concern is the emotional aspects of eating that the article also addressed. I'm wondering if that isn't more of a factor in long term weight loss than grazing ever would be. At least for me.

    Sorry you're having a bummer evening. My teenagers are participating tomorrow in the walk out over the fired teachers here in our school district. I want to hit "escape", too. So now I'm worried about grazing, education, taxes, and WHERE TO FIND the "escape" button. Hope your night gets better.

  2. I HATE the news and so not watch it. Am I being naive??? Perhaps but you know what???....I don't want to live my life in fear...if the time comes I hope I never live to see my children go before me and I hope that they can live a life of life not fear of the unknown...that is why I switch OFF