23 February 2010

Not Hungry.. but

So it is now post fill day +1. 

I have to be honest with you ~~~ I am not hungry, and  I feel like  my eating today has been more  for ritual purposes than for true feelings of hunger. 
I also could not agree more with all of you and your comments about the 900 calories being nuts; BUT

I was told to eat small six meals a day. 
How the hell I am supposed to spread 900 calories out in 6 meals is beyond me but...

Here is my million dollar question for the day for the banded -

Do you eat at scheduled times???


Do you only eat when you feel hungry???


  1. Sorry about the 900 cals. My nutritionist told me 850-900 calories a day during the weight loss phase. I'd like to see these nutritionists follow the rules they give us. I think there's some sadistic tendencies there...

  2. I know my Dr. tells her patients not to eat if you aren't hungry! Unless you know you will get uncontrolably hungry later, then that's different. But if you are not hungry, yet you have good food convenient for when you become hungry, then skip it, I say!

    Also, I think the 2 days of liquids and 2 days of mushy food after a fill help with a little weight loss bump, and help keep you happy and motivated. Try it next time...

  3. I eat when hungry - but most of the time it's pretty similar each day.
    I hope you have a some restriction.

  4. I eat only when hungry. Most days that is at dinner.

  5. There have been studies that show eating 6 small meals at regular intervals through the day keeps your blood sugars steady and actually reduce hunger. For me this works great. If I wait until I felt hungry I wouldn't eat until 1pm, but in the long run I suffer the rest of the day. If I really follow the 6 meal thing and space them out then I do much much better. These are the weeks that I lose the most and feel the best. If I skip meals or eat more in the evening I feel ok that day, but I start to notice a downhill affect on my hungry, energy, and general health. I normally don't lose as much either.

  6. I only eat when hungry. But I almost always have breakfast - I end up eating more later if I skip it. Lunch is the one I will cut out altogether sometimes, or else eat very late in the day (then have a late dinner).

    I rarely eat 900 cals a day. More like 1200. And I try to do 3 meals plus one protein snack (that is my surgeon's recommendation). If you are exercising, 900 is too low IMHO.

    Don't worry about the amounts and times and stuff too much. Just eat when hungry and always eat less than you think you need!

    Sounds like this fill was a good one!

  7. Ohhh one thing that I try to do with the 6 meals is space the calories out with 400 in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I eat more like 3 meals and 3 snacks. So in the morning I might have 300 calories protein drink and later some fruit at around 100. For lunch I might have a grilled chicken breast and some veggies at 300 and my snack would be a 100 calorie string cheese. Dinner may be shrimp and polenta at 275 and my snack might be some blueberry multi grain "chips" at 120.

    If you were to shave off 50 calories at each meal you would get closer to the 900. I hate to say your nut is nuts, but I have found that trying to comply gets us farther. (just don't make yourself sick). Otherwise instead of helping you when you do get stuck she might just keep telling you to follow what she said before.

  8. I've never heard a nut. tell people to eat under 1000 before. That seems too low to me. Anyway, I have to ask, what the heck is that first picture? It's kind of creepy but then I have no idea what it is.

  9. 900 seems like so little!! I know Band-Babe normally eats 700 cals. Maybe she has some tips.
    I've been wondering the same thing about eating when hungry or on a schedule. I eat on schedule. I have a hard time getting in enough protein with 2 meals.(I can't do breakfast) How do you gals get it all in with one meal?

  10. somewhere between the first and second chocolate kiss the other night, we learned that mindful eating is best achieved on a schedule. it keeps you from going off program supposedly.

  11. Not on a schedule...I eat breakfast really late some days just because I get sidetracked and I'm never hungry in the morning, but I don't do well when I skip it. I do more than 20g protein/meal and I usually have one, sometimes 2 snacks...not usually because I'm hungry, but sometimes it's my way of keeping the head hunger satisfied with something better for me (if I'm hungry, I go for something immediately...it doesn't take much to hold me over). I have about 1200 a day, sometimes more. At that low a cal. intake you'll have to be eating mainly protein.

  12. I eat on average 3-4 meals per day and I eat them only when hungry although this was following a pettern of around 8am, 11.30 am 3 pm and 6.30-7pm. After my second fill yesterday I am struggling to get a cup of tea down and now at 11am have had 1/2 a shake and feel like I was after surgery