22 February 2010

Phase III and a Bit of Knowledge

PHASE III = the recovery

So this is the third and final post from today's Fill adventure.

As I mentioned earlier, I got 1 more cc in the band.. and since I had some sissy foods with me at work (liquid protein drink, cottage cheese and yogurt), I was going to wait until this evening to see if food with a bit more substance would challenge my feeling of restriction.


Uh.  no difference. 
I had two mini baby bell light cheese thingy's,  2 oz white chicken breast and salad.  and uh.. I probably could eat more, but stopped. I must have a friggin wooden leg attached to my band..  I know you are all going to tell me that it could take a day or two for the restriction to kick in... I will be patient..

On another note:  During my office visit  I met with my nutritionist and we had an interesting discussion about my food intake.. I shared my whole approach with managing and counting and tracking everything on MyDailyPlate.com  I explained I was targeting to take in no more than 1200 calories, 25-30 g of fat and monitor carbs. 
Well she pulled out a magic chart and gave me this low down.. my total daily calories should not be more than 900 calories (WTF).. I might as well suck on lettuce leaves all day.. no more than a total of 30 fat grams
I was quite irritated to hear about the low calorie allowance (but that is what it is for my height 64" and age) and no I am not an honorary old fart just yet..

She did provide me with two sheets on smart snacks and how to get in Bites of Protein..  I tried to scan and attach to my post but that didn't work..  but  I can send it to you if you want send me your email address.


  1. I would really like to see the list!


  2. Oh man...I could tell restriction was on it's way by the water they made me drink before I even left...gurgling...OK, not helping, hopefully you'll be one of those 'gets tighter after a few days' banders...hang in there girl...I know restriction must seem like an urban legend and a distant memory from when you were first banded, but it will be back!

    Can I just agree WTF 900 calories? Are you kidding me...maybe if you were 90 and in a wheel chair!?! I'm wondering how she calculated that one...I'm 5'8"+ and I get at least 1200 and have been slowly losing up until the last month as I neared goal.

  3. I know I was shocked about 900 calories.. I will try it.. but damn if 1200 calories didn't fill me up, what is 900 going to do.

    Anna, I sent you the list.. let me know if you can;t open, its a pdf file

  4. I would like to see that list too! 900 calories, that is crazy! I need to talk to my nutritionist and see what she says I should be eating...or pull out my pre op paperwork again. You can email me at southerngirlsjourney@gmail.com

  5. I have to agree with the WTF on 900 calories. Wow! I would love to see the list. livinglargeincc@gmail.com

  6. My office trys to do the 900 calories too. I don't do it and they agree to that. When I was doing 900 calories I had NO energy. I slept 12-16 hours a day. They ended up not releasing me to go to work.

    I now do 1200/1400 calories a day. I also try for 90-105g of protein (30%), 120-140g of carbs (40%), and 40-47g of fat (30%). This seems to work the best for me.

    They now say that everyone is different, but that 900 seems to get the best results in the most people. If you expend more energy than you will need more.

    If you think about it many of our fellow banders don't follow the rules. They don't exercise and they don't measure their food. For some of them to get results they need to be aiming for 900. I see it in my own support group (small as it is).

    My suggestion is to work with her and figure out what works best for you. I have found that will only work out if you TRY to follow what she says - she will be more willing to work with you and you will get more knowledge on what calorie level works for you. However, be honest with how you feel and how much activity you get. Then she can help tweak the plan for you.

  7. Random note: My son just got those drums in the pic in your post. LOL

    I really hope it tightens up for you. My last fill did tighten a little, although not enough, over the course of two weeks.

    Hang in there - everyone keeps promising me restriction really does exist!

  8. I wanted to tell you that I thought your post on grazing was out of this world. I really want to address that in my blog, too- but it's a huge subject. I like what you did with it.

    Thanks for your comments, too. And I just post what I'm eating during the day at work, since that's the only "planned" food I do. I try to get in the rest of my protein on nights and weekends, but I'm mostly naughty! During my fastest weight loss, I'd have no more than 1200 calories a day. My band can do that now, but not my brain and body. On a good day, I eat 1300 calories, somedays 1600, rarely more than that. I'd say 1400 calories a day is sustainable and reasonable for me right now. That's still crazy good.

  9. Wow! On 900 calories a day I would feel deprived and freak out! I never get such hard rules from my Dr.'s. I'd be interested in the list too - lindasbandwidth@gmail.com.

    I hope you wake up to glorious restriction tomorrow.

  10. OMG - suck on lettuce! Too funny. Are you kidding? There are quite a few days I eat under 1000 cals....and it's crazy. (I stopped doing it - my body goes into starvation mode and holds on to every last pound). I think every diet guru in America says never go below 1000. Honestly - I think just looking at food is at least 500 calories.....900 is wowser! Good luck.

  11. I'm with the WTF party-- 900 calories is so punishing. Nutritionists can be cruel and unrealistic (sorry you nutritionists out there- you know, you skinny chicks with plastic food toys who lecture you on 'managing hunger' blah blah.) Barf. (or PB.)

    Barb-- you'll get there, I know you will b/c eventually everyone does who hangs in there-- it is an individual process so please don't get discouraged.

    Starving yourself isn't the point of the band--it is supposed to help you manage your hunger. If you're hungry, eat sensibly, and keep up the exercise. The weight loss will come in the green zone... hang in there!!!!
    xox V

  12. By the way: forgot to mention that you are looking wonderful!!!
    It is isn't as though you haven't lost weight, anyway... it is just a 'dreaded' plateau-- this too shall pass.

  13. 900 calories???? Goodness that is almost nothing. They did metabolic testing on me and said I could have between 1500-1900 calories and still lose weight. Because if I do no exercise and just sit on my butt all day I burn over 2400 calories. Did your doc do that testing? Or maybe I m wrong about this. I may be talking about something else lol

  14. NO WAY!!!!900 calories!?!?! I agree that dipping below 1200 calories would strangle your metabolism. You have to take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt and test it against your own intuition. I've dipped into the 800-900 calorie mode a time or two by forgetting a meal or what not, but by the third day I was drinking Baskin Robbins shakes or ANYTHING that would go down that little funnel of a stomach!! Do what is sustainable--do what nourishes you. Remember this is a lifestyle change not a crash diet. Plateaus happen. I just watched a show about a Biggest Loser contestant that "gained all the weight back"....HE knew how to lose the weight, and you could lose alot of weight at 900cal/day...but this time it's different. This time is for life.

  15. That seems a bit harsh especially without restriction....I would love to see the list please



  16. Hey Barbara - I can only think of one time (out of 4 - or is it 5 now?) that I felt restriction on the day of the fill. Otherwise, it took a couple days to kick in. Plus, I have NEVER felt any difference with the water test right after the fill. And I am up to 7.4 ccs!

    The sweet spot, to me, is all about not feeling hungry. Whether the food goes down easy or not. If you are way less hungry, the band is working!

    Oh yeah - vodka in the cranberry water? Excellent idea for a drink before dinner!