13 February 2010


Who am I fooling..
I am still a newbie with this band thing and NO I have not figured it all out.
Bottom line, No Barbara you do not know it all (HA .. I bet my kids are laughing at that one).  SO..............


So close to Onderland and Kaphooie.. (btw kaphooie does not show up on spell check so I guessed).
It all started with a taste here, a bite there, and a serving here and a slow climb on the scale. Basically what I achieved, I threw away. All that focus and discipline.

Reflection:  So, I don't know what set me off course..
Sure I can come up with all of the lame excuses.. hmm the snow, the job, my "O" key popped off my laptop .. really..it did and pissed me off.. but is that all it's going to take in life to throw me off course.. PLEASE!!

Well time to suck it up buttercup.. cause the rationale me just isn't buying the excuses..
It's time for me to walk the talk "I'm Doing it for ME".  I need to get the priorities straight and here's my list of 5 actions that are needed to get me back on track.

1.Move my tuchus and commit to some form of daily exercise (not marathon training just moving my ass)  I'm putting the BB away after 7:00 pm..  That damn little piece of plastic distracts me from so many things including exercise.

2. Eat Right. No more depending on liquid protein drinks to fill me up.   They are an easy way to get the protein in, but they are not filling.. I find in an hour or two I am ready to graze. Food selections will now include solid filling protein choices.

3. Layoff the hummus (even the lowfat stuff) it may be  a good protein source but I can not resist eating this or brie without crackers.. (I don't crave the sweets, just the odd foods).

4. Track it. I know some don't need to measure and track.. I am not one of those people.  My fly by onderland came the week I was using fitday.com.. obviously tracking works for me.. so I need to stick to this.

5. Celebrate my daily victories.  For some reason I hold back and wait till my NSV or scale movement are  huge.. no more.. I am going to celebrate the little things as well as the big.. and celebrate in ways that are being good to me, a soaking bath, a mani/pedi, a new lipstick.. and occasional bling (I am not a martyr).

So.. this post was more for me than you.. but it feels good sharing it..  putting my self on notice.. a good swift kick in the ass.. and also a count down to my next fill on the 22nd.

Have a good weekend.. hope you get to cheer your Olympic Sport/team On.. We have a hometown favorite in the women's bobsled..Newtown-native Jamie Greubel...  So GO TEAM USA WOMEN'S BOBSLED


  1. Sounds like a sturdy plan of action!
    You can do it!!!!

  2. Hi...finally found your blog and what a hoot it is. Love your plan of action and I am sure you can do it. I have celery or carrots with my hommous!!! Can't wait to see how you go...good luck

  3. Barbara, you're in Newtown? My husband goes there every couple of months for board meetings. He always stays at the Temperance House Inn (not sure if that's the actual name).

    Good for you for going back to basics. Based on what I've been reading, everyone needs to do that once in a while. No worries, you'll be back on the downward slope in no time.

  4. As usual you make me laugh (hugs)... I so feel your pain.. just when we think we have things figured out.. along comes something new and throws us off course.
    You can do this though, Barbara. I'm a big believer in you and know when you set your mind (how do I know? Cos what I read from you!!) that you can do anything. Go girl! Put that plan into action and make it work for you.

  5. Barb-- you're right on track. I am so happy for you that you have recognized what you can do to make things easier for you in upcoming days to get the scale moving downward.

    Let's remember: this is for the LONG haul, and a little gain is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    I agree with your entire plan and will follow through like you too!!Love the move the 'tuchus' and put away bb!! Love to you honey.. you're a rock star and will do this thing no problem, it just takes some time!!!