12 February 2010


I went to the Flyers game.
I had 2 beers.
They won 3-2
I had fun.


  1. Ooh!! Jealous! I've decided that I am having a corona as soon as there is a warm day! I love a corona in the summer. Hope you had fun!

  2. You had fun - and that's what counts WAY more!!! Wish I liked beer - it seems like it might be nice on a hot day. xx

  3. You're cracking me up. No need to confess, sometimes there really is nothing like an ice-cold beer. Glad you enjoyed it, and glad the Flyers won! (I was born and raised in PA.)

  4. Moral of the story, if you drink 2 beers, the Flyers will win! So drink every game that they play (except when they are playing the Ottawa Senators). I'm only on fluids but wine is a fluid so I think I will be having me a glass on VD.