07 March 2010

Dear Band Fairy

Ok, I know that picture really  is Tinker Bell, but she is my favorite fairy (so work with me on this).
Where was I... Dear Band Fairy...I just haven't been feeling the same (but am on the mend), so I am not asking you to waste any magic fairy dust on a Pick-me-UP.

However, I am writing to you to help me figure out my band.. and see if you have any pull with any of your other Band Fairies...  you see, some days I have great restriction, others.. eh, not so much.. I am still confused about how this all works.  I have been trying to keep myself filled with fluids (tea, water and the such  (no soda or juices).. but to be frank with you the 900 calories a day is just not realistic.  I am too hungry (even with the band).   I have tried eating all of the foods to take up space, hold me over, yada yada yada.  But that wonderful restriction feeling is wading.. I am but two weeks away from my  next fill.  I just never thought it would take this many trips to get to that wonderful lasting sweet spot.

I am not complaining, cause I am not gaining.. but geeze louise.. I was sure hoping to have a few more pounds off my buttocks by now.  So if you happen to go to a fairy rally, can you kind of drop a line on how the other fairies are able to hold their feelings on restriction.. and then grab some of their magical pixie dust and give me a sprinkle or two.. thanks dear band fairy..


  1. Oooh, send some of that fairy dust my way when you're done with it, OK? Hope you're feeling better! xoxo

  2. You just need to find your spot. Keep on rockin it! Oh, and LOVE Daily Glow!!

  3. Up those cals, Barbara to 1200.. that might be better for you (will kick the weight loss into high drive too - I know this from experience!!) Love the fairy references. You had me giggling as usual.

  4. 900 is sooooo low! Try upping a bit...I've actually stepped back from counting calories and am eating if I am hungry, just concentrating on getting in protein and not too much fat.

  5. Dr. Ren (my doc) says DON'T count calories-- was it your nutty nutritionist who said 900?
    Well if it was, f- them.
    I trust Dr. Ren...
    And I also agree with Dr. Ren, just eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full and things will come along!!!

    Hang in there honey-- the band is working and will continue to work for you. Maybe a bit more fill is in order??
    Sorry for your icky weekend.
    My mom actually had that hormonal issue and she said it was like a murder scene when it happened (ugh.) Hope you got your rest and your dh and kids got their own dinners!!!!


  6. I'm with Yana... I find sometimes, when I actually eat MORE - I lose MORE too... However, if you happen to find the band fairy, send her south, would 'ya?!?!? Thanks!

  7. Hi Barbara, I just wanted to check in since you haven't posted in a couple days. I hope you're on the mend and feeling much better. Take care!

  8. Yeah: I'm with Kristin, where are you girly??
    Hope you're doing ok, thanks for comments on my blog always. I totally feel the mutual love society.