11 March 2010

NOT MIA... just hangin low

Hey peeps, thanks for checking in on me.. I am checking up on you.. just not much to post on my end..
Kristin and Vanessa are just about where I am with the ebb and flow of band restriction.
Gen is sunning it up and will probably come back even skinnier and tan.
And Carra is getting and giving out awards like she is at the Oscar's (ha ha).
So no woe is me post.. but...
After my little field trip to the ER last week, I have been hangin low trying to get my ducks in order to take care of some female stuff (endo ablation) no biggie and its out patient.  BUT, I think this has been a big cause of my S  L  O  W  weightloss, so hopefully this takes care of business.

Let's see what else is new with me.:
  • My next fill is Thursday 18 MAR - Yeah.. I need it bad.
  • I am really thinking about going for a total new look makeover (new hair color, cut, makeup, a little spray tan).. something to jump start me into the new season. Will post pics when I take the plunge
  • I have totally given up on counting calories.. if I am hungry I eat (and have become a skinny cow junkie.. I can not give up ice cream and for some reason I think eating those skinny cow ice cream sandwiches is OK).. I know they are dangerous, but they are also not Hageen Daz.. 
  • Ok, I am a skiniceutical product junkie.. I mean I have bought almost every type of product out there. If you told me rubbing elephant pee on my skin would take off 10 years.. I would probably try it.
  • BUT i have found these rather inexpensive products called Soap and Glory (you can get them at Target) and damn  the FAB Pore Hot Cloth cleanser  is really a decent product and here is a link to see what others thought as well Soap and Glory review
  • This is kind of sad to post this, but it just goes to show you the level of excitement in my life right now.. I am super excited about the rain this weekend BECAUSE, I bought a pair of Hunter glossy black rain boots about 2 months ago and I am finally going to get to wear them (I know that is lame to add, but I really can't wait to wear them).
  • I have a gaggle of wild geese in my back yard that i am ready to shoot (only kidding Peta), but they honk non stop.
  • Aren't you glad you wasted your time reading this... see.. pretty boring life right now.. I am counting the days till I go to sunny Florida (in May) I need some real R&R, but unfortunately I will still need to be connected to work (drat).
Be well, and know that I am looking at all of your blogs.. and cheering you on!!


  1. Not a boring post...I got red Hunter wellies for Christmas and I love being able to wear them, even though I don't love the rain. The makeover sounds great, can't wait to see pics. I don't count calories, I eat when I am hungry (or try to) I hope your next fill gets you to your sweet spot!

  2. Thanks for the update. I like any and all updates, because they are NEVER more boring than my own life. If it weren't for the goose poop (we have a herd of geese at my work building)- you could go kick'em with your NEW BOOTS!

  3. Have you tried the Perricone products? I just ordered some samples and have used them for about 4 days, just curious if anyone else has used it...I'll check out the Soap and Glory products! Happy Rain Boots weekend!!

  4. I LOVE rain boots! I always feel so sporty when I wear them. Although I haven't been able the last couple of years because of the enormous calf issue. Soon enough, right?

    Glad you're going to Florida in May. My mom says it's been an awful winter there - unseasonably cool and dreary, so by the time you get there the sun will be out for sure and you'll be able to enjoy it! We're going in April.

    Good luck with the ablation and the fill, I bet the combination of those will help shake off some more el-bees for you.

  5. I think a mini makeover sounds like a great idea! We all need a little pampering..

  6. Don't forget to splash in the puddles with your new boots and feel like a kid!

  7. Hey, if you're going to give out and award - make a production of it I say lol.
    Sorry you're feeling a little low. Really hate those times. You will get through it though - I cant see much keeping you down for long. x

  8. Hey Barb-- this was a good post. Why are we all so self-critical???
    Be nice to you!!
    Anyway: glad my post reassured you re- what Dr .Ren said... that's the reason I share. Hugs and kisses, hope you're doing well and hang in for that next fill!!
    xo V

  9. I know I'm not the only cosmetics junkie out there - I like skinceuticals too! And Dior, and Benefit, and Philosophy, and.....
    Glad you're enjoying your new boots! The sun is coming soon - I hope. I'm ready for a warm and wonderful Spring! Hope your procedure takes care of things for you - that stuff is never fun. Good luck!