14 March 2010

The Whole Kit and My Kaboodle

Ok.. so if you have caught a glimpse of the weather this weekend, you already know that the east coast got another serving of crappy weather.. High winds, up rooted trees blah blah blah... whatever..
I did get to wear my new boots... didn't want to jump in any puddles and get them muddy.. yeah sometimes I am no fun!

I also went for that new do I spoke of during my last post and had them add some highlights.. it's a bit blonder and shorter.. but ... I like it..

So, I gave you a pix of the boots, and a pix of the do.. so I might as well stop cropping the hell out of the picture and show you my kaboodle.. Yeah.. I got some honkering thighs going on, with lots of lbs still left to lose...

Here I am outside of my house, with my DH taking the shot and me urging him to not make me look fat. Ha .. Like my DH has control over this
I was actually feeling pretty good today until I saw this picture.. for whatever reason, in my mind I think I am thinner than the camera portrays..and I can convince myself it's the damn camera lens.  I know my jeans look like they are sprayed on my ass but they are actually not.. I don't know if its just the way I thrust my thighs out in my runway pose . or what.. Maybe I really am, that fat.. after all ... the camera does not lie..

So.. with that sharing of the truth.. I am wishing you all a great week.. I have my fill on Thursday.. I am down a couple of pound since last fill, but nothing to rock the world about.. I have conceded to the fact that at my age... I am a slow loser.. so be it.. I have no regrets about the band.. other than wishing  I did this 10 years ago.. be well my friends


  1. Girl you do not look fat in this picture, you look really great! No need to feel bad, I think you are lookin reall good. I love the new haircut and really love the boots. We had a sunny weekend so I didn't get to pull my new red wellies.

  2. Now stop that....I think your inner Drazil is talking...you're as cute as a button and I love the new do! Hang in there - you are smoking HAWT!

  3. Seriously, you look GREAT, Barbara. No one's blowing smoke up your ass on this one. The hair is fantastic, and I am so jealous that your boobs stick out further than your belly. Truly, you should be proud because you look fabulous. Go Barbara!!!

  4. Barbara - I'm so jealous of those boots! You do look great. We are always our own worst critics.

  5. Can I say it too-you look great-and I love the hair and color. Do blonds really have more fun! I sure hope you do. And you don't look fat- just fine. It's hard to see ourselves as I think we like to critique every fault that we think we can see. You're doing great and don't mention that age thing-we are still young at heart.

  6. Barb,
    I know you THINK you look fat, but honestly, you look pretty damn good! I also like your hair - short, blond and sassy to go with the new you!!

    Love your house too. Very American (funny that, huh!!)

  7. You look great! I know what you mean though. Happens to me all the time. I feel and DH agrees that I'm smaller than I appear in photos. I think it's true, if TV adds 10 lbs. then regular cameras do too..right??!

  8. Darling cut & color. Kinda makes me want to go blonde again. We are our own worst critics. I think you look pretty smokin in your pictures.