18 March 2010

No Title

Today was fill day for me.  After my weigh in I thought to myself I am not going to post about this visit.
Total lbs. loss = 0
The nurse just said, it's Ok..
Oh really, it's OK..
No.. it's not freakin OK.
I have to claim responsibility, but honestly I can't say I had many eating violations.
Alright I did have a beer at the Flyers game.  I probably eat too many carbs..
I guess I am not a good bandster.
But then I thought, wait a minute.. I am on this freaking high dose progesterone pills, getting my TOTM ever other week, and now I need surgery.. That is probably enough to screw me up.

As I was sitting in the exam room (staring at all of the fill paraphenilia), the nurse walks in and says the doc wants to get a few xrays to make sure everything is ok with the band.

AHA! I thought,
I have been saying all along that the damn band has disappeared (I even dreamed about this) and now this doc is just catching up to my dx.

So into xray I go.. First a film shot with no contrast and then drink that little cup of white crap as fast as you can so we can get a shot of the band in action. 

Sure enough I could suck down that crap without hesitation.

Back to the room,
 I thought ... Oh God, I am going to get a lecture on why I didn't lose weight.

But no.. that sweet doc, comes in and tells me the band is in good position, you have some restriction visible but you probably have a few cc's to go before you are going to be in that sweet spot.

I jumped on the table and he did his routine pull out the volume (to confirm the full 7 cc) and he filled me back up to 8cc in my 11 cc band.

Now drink the water... everything went down fine.. great..I am going to probably need 10.9999 cc's to get a decent restriction.

He asked me if I was a quick eater..
Not really I replied. 
He said those that are quick eaters sometimes realize that sense of restriction quicker.

I thought how the hell am I supposed to feel restriction on six small meals that should total 900 calories..

Great .. now I was just waiting for the nutrionist witch to walk through the door and lecture me.. but she did not show..
I thought... What is she going to tell me eat 200 calories maybe that will do the trick..

So I left with the high hopes that 8cc will feel like something..
I did have glimmer's of restriction before (after my previous fill) but that baby left town within a week or so..

It's been exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes since my fill..
I don't feel hungry.. I didn't eat my lunch either.. so I will probably stick to liquids tonight (eat when hungry approach)... I don't know.. maybe I am not band worthy..  only time will tell..

It is a beautiful day here.. As soon as my DH gets home we are going for a walk.. and at least enjoy what's left of the day.. be well my friends..


  1. Of course you are "band worthy"! Maybe this is the fill you need or maybe not and the next one will be! When was the last time you lost almost 30 lbs. in less than 5 months? It looks like you are averaging a little over 1 lb a week. They say to lose between 1 - 2. You're doing fine...go for a walk and you'll feel better!

  2. I hope you get some restriction with this fill. It is strange how different everyone is. Fingers crossed that this will get you on your way. And you will have NO MORE SNOW-How exciting to have nice weather. Have a nice walk.

  3. It took me 9.4cc to get much restriction. (I have an 11cc realize band) My last fill was Jan. 8th (ish) and I just made an appointment today for a tiny, tiny fill in a couple weeks from now, I think I will ask for .1 to .3 cc's

    You will get there!!!! Hope this was your Magic Fill!

  4. Barbs,
    You seem to have just hit a low moment. True restriction WILL come - you're not doing anything wrong - honestly. Everyone is so different and we all get the feeling at different times. Hang in there chicklett.. follow the banding rules and things will start to move again. xxx

  5. I hope you feel something with one Barbara. I have 9.5 cc's in an 11 band and I remember when I had an unfill(due to an overfill) they took me back to 8 cc's at first and I did feel some restriction. So even if this isn't perfect for you- it will be better.

  6. Here is hoping 8cc gives you some restriction!! I know medicines can screw with our hunger!
    Hope you enjoyed your walk


  7. You are going through so much right now, the fact that you didn't gain should have had you doing the happy dance girl!!! I hope you get some restriction out of this fill. You are doing this, it is only going to get better.

  8. Girlfriend, you are TOTALLY band worthy. I believe all the wise veterans that restriction is in our not-so-distant future. And that we will LOVE it when we get there...Hang in there, we can do this!

  9. I know your restriction story so well. I have stuggled and struggled and am finally feeling something (I am a VERY fast eater) and hope it will stay. Stick with it... you will do this.

  10. OK, step back for a minute: The doctor said you're not at your sweet spot! That's not exactly news to you, I know, but it must be a little reassuring that it's clear to him you don't have proper restriction. It's coming, Barbara, it's coming! We just have to hang in there by the tips of our fingernails until it arrives. I hope this is the one that does the trick, or at least helps move things along.

  11. I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day!