20 March 2010

Drazil, Drazil ... Responses Everywhere.. so Here's My Take on the ???'s

Well, It is certainly a Beautiful day here in PA... truly a day to make anyone smile.. some nice warm 70's coming our way..
Still not feeling like myself.. but I will survive..

So Dear Drazil.. I may be a day or two behind the crowd.. but here's my shot at your questions...

1. If you could be a weather forecast, what would you be and why?
  • Sunny, with a chance of showers

 2. If you could be a crayon, what color would you be and why?
  • Sienna brown -  very earthly
3. What is/was your biggest physical goal you want to do when you hit your goal weight?

  •  Jump out of a plane (preferably with a parachutte) 
4. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? 
  • Cougar... sleek, sexy and fearsome
5. What was your highest weight?
  • 240 and not pretty
6. What is your weight now?
  • 204 (I just can not get to onderland)... but it will happen.. this I know for sure..
7. What is your goal weight if you have one?
  • 160 wouldn't be bad; 150 would make me happy 
8. What is your goal size if you have one?
  • I guess a 10.. Does size matter??
9.  What diet/program/tool do you follow/have if any?
  • I am not a good bandster model to follow.. I am still trying to figure this out
10. How did you lose the weight current to today?
  • Not shoving as much food as possible in my pie hole
11. What’s your best advice for people in this weight loss journey?
  • Best periods of weight loss came when I used FitDay, and counted my cals.
I'll stop there but the answer is once, never again....


  1. Oh yippee - I was waiting for your answers...and I knew I'd love them. #3 shocked me - that's pretty awesome - haven't seen anyone else with that answer. You're a risky little girl and a good ho-bag...and your Mama Pimp is proud. ♥U

  2. Very enjoyable.. I want to get to Drazil's questions, but probably no time today, wanted to stop in and give you a hug. YES you will get to 'onederland.' Never fear!!

  3. Great answers! Hope that last fill is starting to kick in now and you get the help you need...finally!!!

  4. Barbara - my cutie patootie - go grab your ho-bag award I made on my blog today! ♥U