21 March 2010

I am Speechless

As you can see on my sidebar, dear Drazil has bequeathed me the Ho-bag Blogger award.. you are too kind to us Drazil sweetie....and I display my award proudly..

So.. I mentioned a few days ago that my fill event brought me up to 8cc's. 
Let me tell you the difference between 7cc's and 8cc's..
I am definitely tighter.. no doubt about it..
I did take it easy and do liquids and mushies for a few days and then yesterday I went back to my old habit of my fav.. stacy pita chips with a dab of garlic hummus. and..it happened!!
I experienced my first stuck event and the slimy PB'ing that everyone has relayed.

I panicked abit but then after a few good yacks, the not so chewed well pita, came up.. lovely details I know. BUT the reason why I share this is that at  7cc's that never happened.. so somethings going on..
Here's a tip for you new bandsters.. chew chew chew.. (that rule is there for a reason)

Also, at 8cc's.. the feeling of hunger.. what's that???. I really have not had hunger (in fact after my Pb'ing event, I did not even want to eat dinner last nite) and I had no desire to eat this morning.. I did coax myself to have a FF yogurt cause I don't want to be dumb about this..
So.. this all got me thinking that maybe that 900 calorie mark is possible if you don't feel like eating..

On one final note... this weekend was absolutely wonderful .. the weather on the east coast was awesome. I actually saw neighbors outside..and took full advantage of getting some PE in.. so if I do not drop lbs this week, then I am out of tricks.. cause I am movin my ass, and shuttin my pie hole.. if this combo doesn't get me to onderland.. then I need to go to bandster rehab..  be well....


  1. I am so glad you have restriction!! I hope it sticks around for you. The whole chew well is rule that I break most often, and PB because of it.

  2. Getting there girlfriend!! As Jen said above, I really hope that this is the sweet spot that stays ... xo
    (PS Love the weather too!!)

  3. OK Stacey's Pita Chip are evil now. I don't PB, but they kill me. I but these multigrain tortilla chips/crackers (the brand is Food Should Taste Good)now for hummus at Costco.
    I'm glad to hear 8 might do it for you.

  4. Glad to hear your feeling restriction! Hopefully when you are looser on days you can still have your pita chips! yummy

  5. Teehheeee.....all part of my evil plan...give them awards, draw them in, make them love me....mmuuuwaahhhh! Smooches!

  6. Lovely restriction. Only in this club can you be so happy about barely being able to eat a thing. Good luck.

  7. Excellent! Hunger, what's that? = Sweet Spot!

    Thanks for your comment on my before/during pics, you are so right about looking OLDER!

  8. BTW what kind of band do you have? Is it 10 ccs? I ask because I am at 7.4 ccs in a 10 cc band and going for another fill this week...just wondering how much I might get!

  9. Ack! Getting stuck then sliming is NO FUN. And where does all that saliva come from? I ask ya!!
    Glad you got thru it ok though. I am exactly where Gen is.. 7.4 in a 10 ml band and I'm also up for a fill next week. I neeeeed one ..........

  10. Wow you took a while to get stuck...lucky you!!! Good to see things moving in the right direction for you

  11. So lucky you have avoided that stuck til now. I thought I would die and can relate to every word you mentioned. I agree with Dash. Where does all that saliva come from. Hope you get your sweet spot and that you never get stuck again.

  12. I am happy to hear that your hunger is better managed-- did I already say that? Post something new, Queen of Stall (ha ha.) Thanx for the support on my blog. I am in a very crybaby mood. But I'm going home and hopping on the gdamn treadmill no matter what.
    Stall be damned.

  13. OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU, BARBARA! It's finally happening!! Enjoy the lack of hunger, the quick feeling of fullness. I can't wait to hear how you're shrinking ;)

    Those PBs are no fun, but it's all part of learning our limits with the band. I've had two PBs and a couple of stuck episodes that eventually went through. Each one reminds me to be careful and respectful of the band, cause when it turns on me things get ugly.