22 March 2010

Come See for Yourself.. I am just tickled..

You can't really appreciate where your going
until you see where you have been.

After seeing Gen's Before and Now pics..

I decided to do a bit of reflection myself.
And here we go....

This is a picture of me before band (and yes my dark (hair) ages)
 and oh that chinny chin chin!!

And here I am today..
a way from goal but you can tell that I am a much happier and blonder girl!!

After looking at my pictures I felt a warm glow and tickle feeling through out.
This Band Thing is finally paying off for me.. 
Another 50 lbs and LOOK OUT WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Lord, Girl! You were meant to be blonde!! Great before and afters!!

  2. you look great :) Blondes have more fun!

  3. You should feel a warm glow! You look great and very confident in that picture.

  4. Wow...love you as a blonde. I would never have picked that as you. Awesome work

  5. awesome!! you look 10 years younger too!

  6. Two things...You look Gorgeous! and second....the lovely young lady next to you in the first picture has such a beautiful nose, she must get it from her mother ;o)

  7. Whoo - who's the sexy blonde then!! You look amazing Barbara and that hair colour suits you down to the ground.

    The warm glow extends to here - I feel it for you too!! Have a lovely Tuesday beautiful lady!

  8. I love the before and now photos. You look GREAT!

  9. Looking fabulous!!!!! Blonde really does suit you perfectly!

  10. Barbara, you look amazing! Plus, I love the sassy expression on your face in the blonde photo. Keep up the great work, you've already changed more than you realize!

  11. love it! great pics. here's to 50 more!

  12. Owwww! Momma, you are looking hot! I like the attitude in your after picture... you look like you are ready to take the world. Your blonde hair is gorgeous on you.

  13. Could the warm glow be pee going down your leg? Ha, just kidding, I think Drazil is getting in my brain.

    Ha ha.

    You look WONDERFUL and have made amazing progress. You give me hope!!