23 March 2010

Pinch This.............

When I was a little girl, there used to be a commerical on TV for Special K cereal.  The theme of the "diet" cereal, as it was promoted then, was that if you could PINCH AN INCH, you needed to diet, and eat their cereal.

Ok, I am looking at this chick pinching an inch and thinking "Oh honey, I can do much better than a measley little inch" .. How about "Pinch 6 Inches"  then you're talking..
In fact if I bend over.. I can probably grab a couple good rolls of fat and am not bragging about this.. but my thought is what kind of message does this send us??   To me this means that if we can pinch an inch  then we need to be on a diet and eat that damn cereal!!!

Now I don't know about you and the diet adventures you have been on but The Cereal Diet is one for the  Bucket List (and I use the term BUCKET in the sense of GARBAGE)

So here is my question for your bandsters..
What other types of trendy/fad diets have you fallen victim to and are now ready to disclose and are ready for the BUCKET???

PS- GOOD LUCK TO CAMILLE (Living Large in CC) who is getting banded tomorrow..


  1. Man - I don't know if they will all fit it in the comment box. Off the top of my head:
    Alli, Medifast, slimfast, tons of different bars, high protein...
    I love my band

  2. Oh my gosh, whew that is a list. Here goes...Adkin's, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, the cabbage soup diet, injections of HCG and low carb, phentermine, Slimfast..you name it, I've done it. Thank goodness for my band!

  3. Just two..Weight Watchers and Atkins ..but they were enough..can't wait for the band!!

  4. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Fen-Phen, just plain phentermine after the fen was pulled from the market, Weight Watchers, Meridia, South Beach (only last two meals on that, tho), Weight Watchers, phentermine again.

    I really hope the band is the last one I need, Barbara!

  5. Phentermine, Merida, Cabbage Soup, Suzane Sommers diet & Atkins.
    I have nightmares thinking about them now.
    I love my band!!

  6. I have done just everything too - there wouldn't be enough room for them all. And pinch and inch? Pfft fine if you are a tiny girl with not an inch of spare flesh - for us mere mortals, no way could we get it down to an inch. It's unrealistic (especially when you've had kids!!)

  7. I still think WW is ok but not for me. The soup diet, the egg diet, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Optifast, Bodytrim, protein only and the list goes on

  8. I tried most of those listed above. A few years ago there was the Cayenne Pepper diet (not really sure of the name). You mixed a gallon of water with a few tsp of Cayenne Pepper and sipped on that all day-that's all, nothing else. Can't remember how long I drank it (maybe a day?) but no weight loss. Also as a kid in the 60's I had this box of chocolate chewy squares for dieting. Got to chew one before each meal. I can still picture the box but don't remember the name. Of course they didn't work!

    And I hate cereal. Makes me hungry.

  9. Sandy Lee - I think those chocolate squares were called AIDS. Just an example of when a product name develops a negative association. I did Weight Watchers many, many times and also Alli.

  10. Those candies were AYDS (just googled it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayds). Otherwise I could say I had AIDS! They had benzocaine in them. How we get sucked in.