14 April 2010

Antsy About the Next Fill...

Friday is my next fill, and usually the event doesn't phase me one bit.. I know I am getting pretty close to my sweet spot and anticipate that this fill may do the job.

Please don't get me wrong, I fully trust my surgeon, he is just great. But I have noticed on several blogs that people have gone in for slight unfills.

My question for those that have had unfills, did you know immediately that you were too tight or did it take a day or two or more to come to this conclusion?

Would it be incorrect thinking that as you get to your sweet spot, you feel the tightness but there is a good chance that it will loosen up after a few days of liquids and mushies and you achieve the green zone with no further concerns.

I guess what I am struggling with is how tight is too tight, and will I know it right away?

Any insight on this one?? thanks


  1. I was only unfilled once and it was recent, but I knew as soon as I left the doctor's office. This last time (Mon) when I got a fill, that night I felt overfilled, protein shake went down really slow and I could only drink 1/4 of it. BUT, Tuesday morning I felt looser and feel good. I think that we have to remember that the day we get our fill, because of the needle, we get swollen so letting the swelling go down if you're just feeling a bit tight is a good thing to see where you really are. I wish I'd not gone back for the overfill when I think about it. I went the next day and I bet I would have loosened up a bit on its own. When I was getting closer to my sweet spot, I was getting fills of .1. Really teeny. The fill that got me overfilled was .5, that was a big fill all at once. Maybe stick to a smaller tweak? Sorry for the rambling, I think the run took half my brain. Hopefully this comment makes some sense... xoxo

  2. I think when I was overfilled I knew it after the first couple of days, but I let it go for a week. I could get down water, but food hurt.
    Just watch and listen to your body. I hope this one is it for you.

  3. I was getting closer but not there yet at my last fill. Then got a 1cc fill to take me to 11cc in a 14cc band. WAY TOO TIGHT! I am on day 9 and still mostly on liquids. I'm riding it out for the time being, but I'm curious to hear what others have to say.

  4. Never had had an unfill yet... but I do trust Dr. Ren to help decide on the fill. I just honestly report to her what is going on (how hungry I'm feeling, what I'm able to eat etc) and she makes the decision.
    Hope this helps... I think the communication with your doc, NP or whomever will really help you decide how much to put into the band at your next fill.
    Ciao bella!

  5. I just had a .3 cc unfill. The same amount that put me over into the green zone. My surgeon would like me to go in a month. I am thinking if I do I am too scared right now I would go for .1 cc at a time till I know that i am at that sweet spot. I knew I was too tight after a couple days started out as heart burn and then moved onto having a hard time with liquids going down...

  6. oops I mean red zone. LOL

  7. I think have just a weeny one. You'd be amazed how the tiniest amount .. anywhere from .25 to .5 can actually make the biggest difference. And yeah, they do loosen off after a few days.
    I thought I was slightly overfilled after my last one (remember the reflux?) but then voila.. it went away and I haven't had a problem since. :) Was this any help.. yes (tick) no (get outta here!) and maybe.. (well, sheesh, need to start thinking about better help!) xxx

  8. Great question....I have been tight and also worry about the overfill stuff. Thanks

  9. It took about a week for me. I had problems the first few days but could drink as much as I wanted. It was solids that got me into problems. I waited too long and spent a miserable weekend vomiting and not being able to swallow anything. If you are having problems with soft food, I'd get a small unfill before your stomach gets too inflammed.

  10. you will probably not go from 7 to 8 cc's - when you get up there the fills get smaller - I got .5, then .4 last time...and that's why you drink water before you leave the office.
    stay away from cold, it makes you tighter which you don't need in the beginning.

    you will know if you feel badly - but a bit of gurgling is not necessarily a bad thing!