18 April 2010

Could it Be...

Alright, I swore I would not do this, but I did.
I jumped on the scale when I woke up this morning (after I pee'd) and I am down another 0.8 from yesterday, alright that is 1.2 lbs in 2 days.. how freakin great is that..

I feel like the tooth fairy came around and gave me the best present.
Not feeling very hungry (if at all) but I am not going to skip out on my morning protein... so I did have a 6 oz cup of yogurt (Dannon Light & Fit 80 calories, 0 fat and 5g of protein) fills me just fine...

I have such a positive feeling now (not that I was a very negative person) but I look back on my posts when I wasn't losing and there were some negative undertones.. So the big thing to share with new bandsters is that in the beggining you need to work up to the restriction, but once you get there, it really is a wonderful adventure... just requires a bit of investment in patience...

Here is something interesting, my insurance co (BC/BS) called me yesterday to ask me how my WLS was going? Did I see any difference or have I lost any measurable weight?

The question put a big smile on my face.. and I let them know what a difference it has made to date..
I thought about this later and that this was interesting that the insurance company was following up like this, it almost seemed to me that they wanted to validate that the dollars spent were towards a procedure that had a good ROI on health.. After all they did pick up the tab for the entire surgery, 1 nite stay at the center and all my fills...

The insurance co was anxious to know how my BP was, if I had diabetes, heart problems... nah.. none of that.. I was just fat.. just boring old fat.

So there you have it... 4 consecutive days of the scale moving downward.. it's just amazing... really amazing..

Have a great day...


  1. Congrats. Good to know as a soon-to-be-banded-babe that expectations need to be in check until restriction comes. Glad things are going well for you.

  2. YAY Barbara! So glad that all your patience is paying off and now - finally - you are enjoying the great benefits!

  3. More insurance companies are coming around to covering bariatric surgery as a cost savings. Mine just started in 2009. They need to see that this WORKS, and that people are healthier, and that it is medically necessary and cost effective. Thanks for giving future bandsters a chance!!!

  4. Jealous! But happy for you! Interesting about the insurance co....

  5. Way to go...you're going to blow a circuit on your weight ticker really soon if you keep this up. I'm praying you do.