17 April 2010

This better not be a trick!!!

Ok, coming off my WL high from yesterday, what's the first thing I do this morning.. Jump on the scale and I am now down another 0.4lbs. How the heck can that be? I go weeks with nothing, and I mean nothing, and in one week I drop 7 lbs and then another .4

I even took the batteries out of my scale and put them back in to make sure there was nothing going on.. this is mainly because I weighed myself after breakfast... so I had myself prepared for a little bump up..

I just worked out with some weights .. so I expect that tomorrow I will see a gain!! I can not figure out my WL pattern.. it's crazy.

I am sticking to mushies today (although my doc does not give me any restrictions after a fill, as long as I can drink the water they give you after the fill he considers you OK).

For lunch I had some chicken tortilla soup (about 1/3 cup) and that filled me to a point of being quite content.

We are working on our closet today. We found a great closet organizer from Lowe's (this is after I had a few company's come in and give me estimates for a custom look at a price tag of $5K.. uh.. no thank you.. I am not spending $5K on a room to hold my clothes.. I am not OPRAH!!!
But we did pick out is really nice, and we bought two units for each side of the closet... I can't wait to take some photos to show you ...

So this brings me back to my theme of getting rid of stuff.. time to go through shoes and handbags and other odds and ends... if it doesn't fit in my new space, it goes!!!

Hope you all have a super weekend.. be well...


  1. A loss is always a good thing! Good for you! Can't wait to see closet pics...what a difference an organized closet makes.

  2. Congrats Barbara!!!! LOL - you took the batteries out! We are also getting rid of stuff! The Goodwill owns half the contents of our house now :). Are you going to Chicago? I am so afraid to travel alone - I know we probably live close - let me know your plans - dmb1119@msn.com. Thanks!

  3. Yay for shopping at Lowes! Hubs works for Lowes Canada home office! Love it there! And, he's also obsessed with closet organization. My closet is almost empty...because all my stuff is all over the bedroom! lol!

  4. SEVEN POUNDS? That rocks, Barbara. One sure way to make yourself crazy, though, is trying to figure out how we go ages without losing and then drop the equivalent of a newborn in a few days. Strange happenings, but all in the right direction.

    Enjoy the new closet, and have fun culling through the too-big clothes!

  5. Aren't great looking and organized closets the absolute best??
    As far as the continuing lost pounds...don't question it...just say adios. Way to go.

  6. Barbara...I have a question for you...non WLS related...
    I'm new to this whole blogging thing and was wondering how you go about placing images or photos in the context of a post. I think I get it when it's a photo already saved to my computer...but first off...where do you find new images, how do you download them and does it cost anything???

  7. Just popping back in to say thanks for the kind words, Barbara. You have such a gentle spirit, and it really comes through in the way you are able to reassure and commiserate in your comments. Enjoy the beautiful day!

  8. Yee--ah!!! Wow for you, I was sure you'd get moving again sooner or later... I'm so happy for you and hope this downswing continues!!

  9. Congrats on the loss, Barbara! It is strange our weight loss patterns, isn't it? There appears to be no rhyme or reason to mine either...

    Thanks for the comments on my blog post. Where do you find Papaya Enzyme? I am going to get some to keep on hand.